Release 2013-06-09 'Fang'

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Release 2013-06-09 'Fang'

Post by Kaylee » Sun Jun 09, 2013 8:28 pm

Full information is available on the BitBucket site here: ... 40cf3df5d)

Release notes for 2013-06-09 'Fang'

New features
Undock the top menu
You can now choose how the top menu behaves. It can float at the top of your browser, giving you access to your private messages; search and other tools, or you can undock it and the menu will rejoin the rest of the page and sit at the top of the screen.

Accessibility: adjust font size and colour contrast
Use the sliders at the bottom of the page to change how high or low the colour contrast should be. You can also make text larger or smaller.

Better detection of small screen resolutions
PCs with wide screens, but height below 750px, will now get the same experience as tablet users. Space is more compressed and more content is available.

Lower default content contrast
The default contrast has been changed from black-on-white to off-black-on-off-white.

Avatars now visible by default
Avatars are now outside of the hidden user info space, so you recognise who is posting at a glance.

Top navigation links are fixed in the 2004 theme.


Any requests/extras for the next release, ask nicely and you may get :)

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Re: Release 2013-06-09 'Fang'

Post by Best First » Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:00 am


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