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Post by Mechaform » Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:22 pm

First things first I would like to say hello to everyone.I am the owner of a new company called Mechaform.We are going to various websites around the net to let people know we will be making transforming related robots.We want to be very interactive with the fans because its important fellow collectors guide us in the process since they are they ones buying so it only makes sense.I have included a attachment of our first project SkyGuardian that was first shown a few weeks back at TFcon but we had not officially announced our company name until now Mechaform.We really hope fans can help guide us by posting feedback in threads or even direct PM and most of all emails once our website is set up.You can also reach us on Facebook here We have already made changes since our first showing based off feedback read so let us know what you think.We are going to try and be available as much as possible on various forums and other forms of media to serve your needs.Cheers!

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