Showdown For The Shadows!

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Showdown For The Shadows!

Post by the baron » Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:20 pm

[Quoting from BFTB member and colouring project co-ordinator Jamar Miller:]

Showdown for the Shadows and the GI JOE REALM are proud to present the first of many full-colour Battle Action Force stories! Battle Action Force was the long-running UK GI Joe comic which originally featured the RED SHADOWS.

This story is entitled "SHOWDOWN FOR THE SHADOWS", and features Joes such as GRANDSLAM, MUTT, CLUTCH and RECONDO fighting the evil BLACK MAJOR and his renegade RED SHADOWS!

Check out the first FULL COLOUR story here: ... adows.html

Once you're done reading, discuss it (story, art, colours) at the BFTB board: ... php?t=1227

Or at the GI JOE realms Action Force section here:

Colourists for this story are:

Roxi "Ickit" Homelvig [page 1] You can find more of her work at:

Michael "Past Nastification" Devine [pages 2 to 6] You can find more info on
him here: ... e&uid=2051

NOW EVERYONE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go thank them for a killer job on this debut release, its only because of great colourists like these that we can present these stories, so please show your appreciation by thanking them!

We have lots more coming but we still need more colourists so if you can help please PM or e-mail me! Our plan is to colour all of the galleries at for GI Joe fans everywhere.

We will be releasing colour stories every 2 - 3 weeks for the foreseeable future so keep your eyes open for these great stories finally told in FULL COLOUR, and SEE THE RED SHADOWS return in all their glory!


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Post by jamarmiller » Mon May 28, 2007 9:27 pm

The black major has always been my favorite Red Shadow so to see him go up against classic joes like Recondo, Mutt Grandslam and Clutch is just a high point for me, This was a fun but short issue and the art by Vanyo is amazing as is the coloring, The colorist ( both ) I felt hit it out of the ballpark

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