DOTM 30 minutes Preview Special Screening!!!

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DOTM 30 minutes Preview Special Screening!!!

Post by The Last Autobot » Fri May 13, 2011 10:39 pm

As President of Transformers Perú Cultural Association I was invited today with a group of my dear transfans to a special DOTM screening organized by Hasbro and Paramount.

We watched 30 minutes of the (still not complete) film. 24 minutes in 2D and 6 in 3D.


It started with Michael Bay foreword about how it was a real 3d movie and being the most mature film yet. And a ironic regard about how we would meet Sam´s new girlfriend ("he was dumped").

We watched several scenes, some were with the finished fx and some not (looking like 80% finished).



The first scene was Carly and Sam living together. She looks very hot and gives him a stuffed rabbit as a lucky charm (he has a job interview that day). He complains that he saved the world twice and the government didn´t give him a job. We see how Obama gave Sam a medal because of his courage and everything he´s done for saving the world. Carly worked there as a protocol assistant (or something like that).

Sam´s job interview with John Malkovich. John is like a crazy Manager looking for perfection.

A fellow worker with Sam is a chinese (Wang) who is somewhat crazy and makes a scene with him in the bathroom (but its really his plan to pass Sam a few secrets). Then we see him trying to stop Laserbeak with a gun.

Sam, Epps and a few soldiers start getting into Chicago to rescue Carly (irisdiscent song in the background). And we see all the destruction made by the decepticons. A few jets try to get in but are effortlessly destroyed by decepticon ships. Epps tells Sam that everything is over and Carly must be dead by now (the trailer segment)- Meanwhile in NEST, Lennox and Simmons talk with Morshower about the Chicago situation.

Epps and the rest try to get into the city and are ambushed by a decepticon ship (who kills a few civilians in the process, literally disintegrating them leaving only a couple skulls and bones). When they are about to be killed a laser is heard and the ship comes crashing down. Optimus arrived...

Optimus speaks about how they pretended to flee but knew that the decepticons would do something like this. The wreckers appear and tore the decepticon inside the jet (pretty nastly tear him apart, this scene was still not finished we see the wreckers pixelated).

Then the trailer scene were a few soldiers get inside Chicago diving from Ospreys. Starscream destroys the helicopters and a couple of decepticon jets follow them shooting (very nice!).

Sam, Epps, Carly and a couple of soldiers are inside a building who is tore apart by decepticon fire and a decepticon gets inside just when all is collapsing. They get out and slide from OUTSIDE THE BUILDING shooting trying to get inside in another part.

Sam faces Starscream with a glove the autobots gave him. He blinds Starscream with the Glove´s hook and then inserts a bomb in his head. Starscream start to hit himself with the floor trying to get the bomb out then flies up, Sam is still attached to him, the scene cuts but this is in the trailer where BB appears and rescues Sam before SS explodes...

The 3D scenes were various different shots:

Mirage transforming
Sideswipe and Ironide fighting decepticons (pointing guns at different places)
Op tearing apart a couple of cons
Shockwave above the driller
Carly in his Boss company
BB transforming and in his Stealth Force mode
A couple of the trailer scenes.
An SPECTACULAR scene that I guess is in Cybertron where we see a lot of ships and Tfs fighting each other with a Ravage cameo.

I recorded a few scenes with my cell Ill try to correct them and post them here.

Ive found this movie pretty more aggresive and altogether better than the previous ones (at least the 30 minutes we saw). And it appears that altough it stil has "jokes" they are more adjusted to what is being seen than the other way around.

Ill put a few pics of my transfans and me in the theater. If I recall more (or my transfans do in the topic of our web) Ill update this:



Tfs Perú squad (for the event)



A dream come true. Transformers Perú is online!!!

And my Transformers blog in:

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