Transformers 3 set for 2011 release. Bay confirmed.

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Post by Warcry » Sun Oct 18, 2009 2:42 am

Yaya wrote:I'm reading Naruto right now, and it's better than 95% of the stuff here. Same with Monster.

The Japanese aren't afraid to think outside the box. Money doesn't seem to be the driving force behind their creativity.
I think it's more likely that 95% of the stuff they make is crap too, but it never sees the light of day outside of Japan because it's not popular, just like entertainment from every other country in the world other than the US. I mean, I don't judge the sum total accomplishments of British TV by the four hours or so of it that the CBC broadcasts every week, and I certainly wouldn't want people to judge Canadian media by the handful of TV shows and books that get picked up elsewhere.
When the Japanese come out with their version of a live action Transformers movie, I think it will only back this up.
Considering the track record of Japanese TF fiction so far, I shudder to think what this would look like.

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