High Quality Renders of TFs from the RoTF

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High Quality Renders of TFs from the RoTF

Post by Mr_Tigg » Thu Apr 09, 2009 7:59 pm

http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-new ... es-167276/

Still not really sure what to make of the movie tfs. Some I kind of like, others are terrible though.

The Fallen - Looks like the love child of Sark from Tron and an alien xenomorph.

Devastator - Not enough of the classic devastator vibe about him imo. He looks too beastial, and he needs a unified colour scheme.

Sideswipe - Generally like his sleek design, altho 'wheel feet' look a bit daft. Can't really go wrong with sword arms though.

Megatron - Huge improvement over the original, and probably what he should've looked like in the first film.

Starscream - is it me or have they made him slightly more human in proportions? His legs look less chicken little then before.

Ravage - God awful. Far too busy.

The Twins - Love the body designs, but the heads...what were they thinking? They look like there were beaten with the ugly stick bad.

Ratchet - Didn't like his original design, and not much has changed there.

Ironhide - Did like his original design. Again nothings changed.


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