BotCon's Pete Sinclaire Speaks Out!

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BotCon's Pete Sinclaire Speaks Out!

Post by Professor Smooth » Tue Aug 23, 2005 2:55 pm

One of the BotCon Advisory Board members has shed some light on the motives behind the exclusive set of figures available at this years BotCon.

"Ok, so, believe it or not I actually have read through just about all the posts on these boards so let me break it all down for you.

There is an advisory board made up of Transformers collectors and fans that I am fortunate enough to be a part of. MC wanted a concept for this years show exclusive set, and, after much debate, this is the set that was decided upon and suggested. Did we get everything exactly how we wanted it? No. Why, because thats just how life is. There are all kinds of factors that effect what we can and cannot do. Are we happy with how it turned out? Yes, we most definitely are and the fact that registrations are still coming in for both the attending and non-attending is support for that.

Now, onto a few other things. First, is this set an excellent value for Convention attendees. Absolutely. Is the set priced too high for non-attendees? ABSOLUTELY NOT! These are not general release toys, they do not have a run of 50,000. Furthermore, they are not store exclusives, online exclusives or any other type of retailer exclusive. These are CONVENTION EXCLUSIVES. They are meant for people who attend and support the show. They are offered as part of an overall package to people who want to attend the show and, as everyone has done, when broken down, are a very good deal.

Now, as to not exclude people they are offered to everyone, BUT, if you do not attend then you have to pay more. Why, because these again are convention exclusives, limited to 800 and are very costly to produce.

As I said some months ago this is the model that works for this type of convention to ensure that EVERY year there is a convention with toys that are available as exclusives.

Next point, are GI Joe fans different from TF fans? Of course, they buy human figures, we buy robots. Does that mean set building only applies to them? NO. Since when do they set build and do we not? How many versions of the Seekers do people own? Who here does not have at least several toys with numerous repaints? This was another take on that idea, an insecticon army fighting the autobots. This is based firmly in the Transformers mythology and here was a chance to create a set based on that concept. Three different insecticons molds would have been very cool, I'll agree, BUT there is not an endless supply of molds that are available to us. Also, when multiple exclusives are offered repaints of the same mold are necessary due to costs.

I think what people need to realize is that there are limits to what can be done. Furthermore, a new idea is not always such a bad thing guys and gals. A set of seven toys, never done before, a very cool idea. Are they great toys? You bet they are! Was this set rushed or half assed? NO, again, this set was thought out and planned, changes were made, and we are putting out a set we are very proud of! Let's take a look:

Fallback, a very cool homage to a an old school Autobot that never got much exposre but was the coolest minibot around (He came with a gun, remember)?

Buzzclaw and Dirge, Two brand spanking new insecticons who look 10 times cooler than the original version of the BW mold and shows what a new piant deco can do for a figure.

Chromia, okay we had name issues but still a very cool gal who never got a toy version and why her head looks like that will all make sense for those attending the show.

Deathsaurus, You know what, he is a great mold, the head is as true as we could get to the animation style and it turned out really well.

Ricochet, Cyberjets just kick butt and he seems to be a favorite amongst everybody so nuff said.

Ironhide, frickin' IRONHIDE. Finally, a version of the toy that resembles the G1 animation version. Too much red? Look at your actual G1 toy. This is not suppose to be a spot on replica of the cartoon version, that would be impossible since we only have exsisting molds available to us, but good grief, we could not have gotten much closer. This was an homage to that character with a new twist.

Finally, for those attending the show, this set will be worth it and then some!

SO, with ALL THAT SAID, does this mean that MC is never going to do anything differently and will never be open to input and suggestions for future sets. OF COURSE NOT. MC is a business, they will do whats best for the business and a huge part of that is having happy fans and collector's who want to attend the show and buy the exclusives. Also, there is a pride issue, they want to put out quality product and the members of the advisory board want to be able to stand behind it firmly as well.

There is my 2 cents, for everyone attending the show, there is sooo much still to come, for those who are not able to, I hope that when you get your set and are able to look at the toys first hand you will be as excited as we were when we first saw the test shots of the toys.

If anybody has any queations feel free to ask, my only requirement is that it is civil. Thanks a ton for reading! Pete"

Credit: Pete@Botcon/TFW2005
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Post by Señior's Covenant » Tue Aug 23, 2005 3:03 pm

I had no idea it was even an issue. But then again, I didn't have the funds in the first place for the toys. I'm more interested in the comics to be honest.
Muchas gracias to Mob for the Sig, proving why he's called 'King'.

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Post by Best First » Tue Aug 23, 2005 4:06 pm

No. Why, because thats just how life is.

i hate comments like that - nothing is 'just that way', its always 'that way for a reason'. He goes on to explain to some extent but i think it would benefit the fans (who are interested in these kind of exclusives) why certain dscisions have to be made.

Still, some insight is welcome, despite the slightly irksome USE OF CAPITALS.

Ta Smoothy.

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