Right, so what's this rubbish about the English leaving EU?

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Right, so what's this rubbish about the English leaving EU?

Post by Predabot » Tue Dec 15, 2015 12:34 pm

Aye - what's that about? As far as I know, the UK has the biggest subsidiaries of any of the western EU-nations. (courtesy of ye' olde' hag, the Thatcher)

And you already have a big mixed demographic, with non-christian immigrants, so the immigration-crisis can't be it either - and you don't have the Euro, so you weren't affected by the Euro-problems to the same extent as some countries.

So what's with the big mur-mur and hub-ub? Why is David Cameron going about and trying to get the UK to leave the EU? And does he REALLY speak for all the nations in your kingdom? From what I can tell, the Scottish are fairly EU-friendly, for instance. (and rightly bloody so!)

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