Nice to see the tower is still erect.

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Fri Jun 26, 2015 6:24 am

It's kind of surreal when I think about how small the Transformer's fandom was when I first joined here over 14 years ago. It was near impossible to find anything Transformer related outside of secondhand shops or comic book stores. Eventually, thanks to a lot of us, dedicated fans, a very large resurgence occurred. I remember when there was a handful of Transformer fan websites. Three major ones come to mind. This website, and I can't remember the other, were the two major websites, with Seibertron slowly gaining ground. It's nice to see a lot of famliar names keeping things alive. Great job everyone.

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1 month ago myself, Rob, Paul, Spencer, and my new bride Sarah (bazinga11) were standing in a toy shop in las Vegas laughing about absurd after market prices ( seriously, that skorponok with mindwipes head?).
Talking about our holy grail of toys and just enjoying true friendship.

I love this site.

Shanti418 wrote:
Whoa. You know they're going to make Panthro play bass.


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So cool! It's still here. Transfans suddenly popped in my thoughts. Googling transfans and finding the site again after so many years. So cool! Not to mention actually remembering my password :o.

Thu Jan 18, 2001 12:00:am....joined 15 years ago. Before the euro >:( and Bayformers. Not to mention still under thirty :O I feel old.

About the whole tf prices...pfff gotten steep huh? I remember buying a minty sunstreaker for 30 guilders (15 euro's). Now you can tenfold that.
Thanks goodness I still have my collection. :D
I think the other big TF site was thearchive.

...Is that my signature.?..holy (*&^%..As handsome as ever.



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I also stlll exist apparently, or rather my account. Has been ages, the major draw of this site was its unrivalled expertise on UK marvel comics.

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We never leave, not really!


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Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:55 am

My tower is always erect


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Makes sweat pants awkward

Best First wrote:I didn't like it. They don't have mums, or dads, or children. And they turn into stuff. And they don't eat Monster Munch or watch Xena: Warrior Princess. Or do one big poo in the morning and another one in the afternoon. I bet they weren't even excited by and then subsequently disappointed by Star Wars Prequels. Or have a glass full of spare change near their beds. That they don't have.

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