Visionaries Collector's Guide on Kickstarter /Its kindafree!

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Visionaries Collector's Guide on Kickstarter /Its kindafree!

Post by TransmetalJawbreaker » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:17 pm

Ahoy Trans-fan-buddies,

Now I know what you’re thinking, here’s another wandering yahoo looking to score a quick buck and your still sore from the last round of industrial suckerling?
Unfortunately, regardless of how I word this, it’s always going to sound just like that.
In some small defense, I have been a member of this board for like 7-8-10 years. So long so I can’t retrieve my old account. I blame this onset of purple.
Now, give me money, I promises something nice! ... ory_newest

In all seriousness, I am serious.

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