So anyone watching "Gotham?"

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So anyone watching "Gotham?"

Post by Computron » Tue Sep 30, 2014 6:57 pm

I was really worried that a show focusing on Jim Gordon, prior to Batman's emergence, would run in to trouble on multiple fronts, ranging from trying to match the acting of the Nolan films or Animated Series, to coming up with compelling plots that actually matter given that this is all "Pre-Batman."

But, they've actually managed to surprise me.

I have to give them real credit for building a gritty and believable Gotham inundated with corruption. The writing for Carmine Falcone really highlights his Lawful Evil personality well, and makes him more than just a gangster in a nice suit. The other police officers are also well written in the classic weary, noir style where everyone is "part of the program" because it's the only way to stay safe. Better to be on the take than be dead. They're also refreshingly open about it. Gordon doesn't have to dig deep to find the corruption, it comes to him quickly.

The kid they have playing Bruce Wayne does a phenomenal job, and they seem to be skewing towards an appropriately dark take on the Dark Knight. One thing that the Nolan films never got exactly right was that Bruce Wayne pretty much suffered a psychotic break when his parents were murdered and now Batman is the dominant personality while Bruce Wayne is the mask. In the Nolan films, Bruce is Batman to inspire others, but he chooses in the end to be Bruce. I don't think the Batman of TAS or the comics would make that choice, or even could make that choice. So long as there is crime, he would continue to fight it.

To bring that back to Gotham, the actor playing Bruce Wayne is already beginning to show the signs of his personality shifting from 12 year old kid to The Dark Knight. Not in any silly sense like he is going around fighting crime, but in his demeanor and willpower. The intensity on the kid's face is really well done.

In addition, it's clear this show was given a real budget. The sets are high quality and nothing feels "cheap."

It's only been two episodes, true, but if they keep up this level of writing, it isn't inconceivable that not only would we have a really well developed and serious take on Pre-Batman Gotham, but I could totally see the series ending with Year One as the overall plot line.

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