Youtube and Gmail.

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Youtube and Gmail.

Post by Obfleur » Mon Feb 07, 2011 6:40 pm

What the [composite word including 'f*ck'] is going on?
I sign in to my Youtube account and [composite word including 'f*ck'] around.
Then I wanna check my Gmail - and it says "You're currently signed in to your Google Account (which from the beginning was my Youtube account."
Then it says "If you complete this form, you'll be adding Gmail to this account, and your Gmail address will become your primary account username".
But I don't wanna create a new Gmail adress - I want to use the one I use.
So I go to "My Account" and click "Change Email" and type in my Gmail.
Then it tells me "Sorry, a Gmail address is not allowed to be the primary address of this account."

If I log out (from the ******** Youtube/Gmail account) and sign in to my real Gmail account - the next time I visist youtube, I have to sign in to my Youtube account.

[composite word including 'f*ck'] this! Why is this happening? Why can't they leave me alone?

Edit: I tried linking my Gmail account with my Youtube account through, but it says "Upgrade failed for unknown YouTube user. "

Edit2: I solved it. But [composite word including 'f*ck'] youtube and gmail. What the hell.

Edit 2: Sloppy spelling, and some words are missing... but I was in angry mode :)
Can't believe I'm still here.

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