Reprint of the second half of Issue 133.

Things are looking grim for our heroes as the Decepticon Seekers come out to play; fortunately, the Autobots have their own fliers with which to fight back! Down below in the Terrordrome, Megatron throws a tantrum resulting in the death of a few Cobra soldiers, but Cobra Commander steps in and uses the Matrix to punish the Decepticon leader. Brass balls on Cobra Commander... I'm sure that'll come back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Snake Eyes must fight both Ravage and Storm Shadow in a match sure to test all his skills and abilities. For the other Joes and Autobots though, the ground they are walking on is sure to 'Rumble' soon...

The deadly treachery of Zartan has struck and the Joes suffer a greivous defeat that they may not recover from. Meanwhile, Rumble continues to play havoc with the ambushed Autobot/Joe forces, until the bravery of a small yellow Autobot, and a fiery red-haired woman arrive to do battle with the evil Decepticon - sexual tension not withstanding, Bumblebee and Scarlett make a good team it seems. Kinky. Meanwhile, due to Flint's ominous capture by Soundwave, Beach Head takes command of his team and continues their trek towards an airfield radio control tower... only to encounter Frenzy, who is understandly annoyed at the fleshies. Violence ensues as Beach Head fights off the cassette. But all these heroics could be for naught should the mighty Bruticus, spawn of Starscream and Destro's evil minds, be awakened... Oh that sneaky Starscream. Won't he ever learn?

Reprint of the first half of issue 114.


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