Starscream frees Megatron and gives him a fusion cannon (perhaps it's Christmas). What follows includes lots of badly drawn action, fembots, Soundwave turning Ratbat into a tape and Megatron beating the living crap out of Sentinel Prime. Anything but awesome.

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Ramjet has caught the Starscream "I must usurp Megatron as leader" bug. But his ingenious plan including Mini-Constructicons, Micro-Constructicons human facsimiles, human slaves, universal trackers and nuclear missiles is discovered by Megatron. Ramjet's body is ripped into pieces and spread across the globe for his trouble.

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Arcee's a psychotic death-machine-ninja-type-thing. She's still pink though. Obsessed with tracking down Jhiaxus, she's caught and jailed by Ultra Magnus. Later when Decepticons attack a penitentiary to free the Monster Pretenders, Fortress Maximus awakens Arcee to deal with the threat. After beating up the boys she explains to her captors how Jhiaxus forced her to have a sex change op. She then leaves to find him and presumably kick him very hard in the nads.

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Blaster is "The Voice", doing his best Robin Williams impression from 'Good Morning Vietnam' to boost troop morale from over the airwaves. After he gets taken out by an assassin he has to work at getting his mojo back, and sets a trap to unveil the assassin, who turns out to be a Bombshell-controlled Beachcomber.

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