Sunstorm is bashing up everybody. Bruticus gets walloped, Bumblebee's ship crashes, and Starscream makes a run for it, with Sunstorm in pursuit. Back on Cybertron, Autobot training is not going well, but at least Magnus is back online, with Prime soon to follow (after having the matrix wrenched from him at the end of Vol 2). On Earth, Starscream reaches the Nemesis under the ocean, but Sunstorm catches up to him. Sunstorm claims to be his brother, but Starscream, not a big fan of family get-togethers, wakes Jetfire up from stasis to take him on.

Springer and co. battle the monsters, but seem overwhelmed. Short of options Springer calls Carnivac for reinforcements.

Snarler tries to convince Carnivac and Catilla to leave the Autobots to their fate, but are they having it? No!

Sunstorm and Jetfire have a good ol' ruck, and Jetfire wins. Jetfire and Starscream then go to the other Autobots on Earth for help. They formulate a plan to capture him once and for all, and after another great big brawl, attach a inhibitor device to Sunstorm, and he flies off. But in the confusion, Starscream has scarpered up to Alaska. A weak Sunstorm tracks him down and begs for his help, but then gets blasted by an unknown assailant.

The Gi-Joe commando team has stumbled upon the dormant Autobots, and raised them from their slumber! However, while Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow continue their deadly battle, Megatron accelerates his plan for the energon stored in the Terrordrome, and at the same time Cobra Commander prepares to unleash the deadly Zartan on our heroes in order to halt the Gi-Joe counter offensive. Snake Eyes has been busy, and after reaching a new hi-score on his Cobra body-count, faces his next challenge, a vicious looking Ravage. Time to fight the boss of the level!


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