Optimus Prime activates the space bridge, with the intention of letting the Mini-Cons go back to Cybertron, as he's decided that using them as weapons isn't right. But before they step through the portal, right on cue Megatron and his boys turn up and break up the tearful reunion. Rather than go home, the Mini-Cons choose to stay with the Autobots, and once they powerlink with them, the Decepticons retreat.

Only Ravage and Windcharger are unaffected by Auntie’s magnetism, due to their respective powers. They work together, but come up against a Guardian unit. Meanwhile Prime and Megatron also try and work together to free themselves.

Sparkplug, Longarm and Jolt sneak into the Decepticon base to free Leader-1, Blackout, Crumplezone and Swindle (the Decepticons' batch of Mini-Cons). However, upon breaking into their cell, Leader-1 and the gang just attack them, saying that they're on the winning side and they'll now be rewarded handsomely for their capture! Sparkplug's crew are forced to retaliate, then make a quick getaway.

The Offroad Patrol turn up and start scrapping with Iguanus and Skullgrin and Cecilia escapes. Iguanus legs it to complete his mission. Cecilia crawls out of the swamps where she is met by the Race Car Patrol, who, despite their insistance that they need no help, she leads into New York, where Iguanus is also headed...

Megatron tries to use his anti-matter power to break Auntie’s hold on them but he is interrupted by Ravage and Windcharger arriving. Windcharger beats Guardian with his powers and Ravage takes out Auntie. Megatron then tries to use his anti-matter on Prime, but Windcharger repels him with a magnetic field and the Decepticons retreat.


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