Enraged that she has been fooled, the warrior queen lops Cloudburst

Prime has gathered all the Mini-Cons together, and has even made a temporary alliance with Megatron, and they all head off to Cybertron together to see off Unicron. The Chaos Bringer soon puts in an entrance, and attacks Cybertron (we've been here before haven't we?). So a great big battle kicks off, which is like, really apocalyptic. Before Megatron can make a deal with Unicron, Hot Shot and buddies shoot him, and he falls into the demi-god's maw. Then Prime attacks in his new jumbo mode, and the Mini-Cons all join hands and use the Mini-Con Matrix. As far as Unicron is concerned, this is too much excitement for one day, and he flees.

Starscream has trashed the Earth-based Autobots, with the help of Bruticus, though Ratchet and Brawn have slipped the net. On Cybertron, Runabout and Runamuck get flattened by Sunstorm, a mysterious new Transformer who they come across in Shockwave's lab. Sunstorm then blasts off in Earth's direction. Bumblebee and a crew of 'bots are also headed that way, and get contacted by Ratchet and Brawn at the Ark. Bruticus catches up with the two 'bots, but they set the Ark for self-destruct, and escape. It blows up, and then Sunstorm turns up.

Springer and Carnivac discuss how they seem to have been abandoned by their respective factions after the Time Wars. They are interrupted by Inferno who has heard about the disturbance at the nuclear plant. The Autobots head off to investigate but the Decepticons remain behind. The

Reprint of the first half of issue 113.


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