The Autobots are confused, especially Hot Shot. Megatron is confused and angry, Prime is confused and about to be eaten. The Autobots are trying to track down their Prime when the 'cons attack in full force. The 'bots fight back, but without Prime they're quickly beaten, and beaten hard! But as Megatron is revelling in his victory the mysterious assailant (read: G1's Galvatron) returns and confronts him!

Hi-test and Throttle land on the planet's surface and are observed by Sky Lynx to really be in cahoots with Decepticons. Meanwhile Cloudburst has to undergo a series of trials to justify the Pretenders' presence in the all female kingdom. Unfortunately he does a bit too well and the leader takes a shine to him (not realising he is a robot) . Cloudburst decides its time to reveal the truth about who and what he really is

Skids, back from Limbo after an extended stint there as Galvatron

Megatron and Galvatron duke it out but Megatron is no match for the mystery 'con and is severely beaten. Meanwhile, the Autobots on Cybertron discover the 'con base has been taken over and, on Earth, the Mini-Cons discover a similar situation. As Megatron is about to be terminated the Air Defence Team decide to enter the fray and merge, giving Megatron the unleashed power of the Star Sabre which he uses to run his attacker through with. Back on Cybertron, the Autobots run into a little Pretender trouble deep within the Deception base.

The Mini-Cons are working on rescuing Optimus Prime, who is busy having a chat with the powerful entity responsible for all of this. The Cybertron-based Autobots manage to take control of the space bridge and discover it is being used to unravel the boundaries between realities. The Mini-Cons manage to locate Prime just as an exploding space bridge throws Jetfire into his reality. Prime receives the Mini-Con Matrix which upgrades him. He then merges with Jetfire and, after having tried his best to attack their foe, makes his escape.


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