The Autobots struggle to battle Starscream

Cyclonus is having a power-rage, thanks to the Destruction team, and is out of control! Megatron doesn't care too much, he's playing with his new toy, a giant orbital laser platform! The 'bots arrive in Alaska only to discover beaten up Mini-Cons and a smashed up Thrust. Megatron decides to use his new toy to dig out the buried Mini-Cons just as the crazed Cyclonus turns up and attacks the 'bots. Prime orders Skyblast to go and destroy Megs' new toy whilst he takes care of Cyclonus. It looks like it's going to be a happy ending but then suddenly Prime vanishes on the spot and a mysterious new Mini-Con arrives...

The 'bots are confused. Having lost Prime they return to their base to find another Prime there, but he's not theirs even if he is 'a' Prime, and he's dying. He has a chilling warning for them that "Chaos is coming" and, with the message given, he dies. Meanwhile on Cybertron, five mysterious Transformers appear. On Earth the 'bots and Mini-Cons are trying to work out what's going on. They track down the new Mini-Con but suddenly a powerful purple Transformer appears (Galvatron from G1) and begins to blast everyone in sight, Autobot and Decepticon alike. Elsewhere, the real Prime discovers himself to be on Cybertron. Not his Cybertron, but a Cybertron about to be consumed!

Cloudburst convinces the Mecannibals to let the two Autobots go and gather ingredients for a tasty meal while Berko remains hostage. Both Dreadwing and then Sky Lynx follow the Pretenders down to the surface of the planet Femax where they are seeking Sulphide Crystals. Not long after landing the two

The Autobots continue to battle the corpse until Backstreet figures out that they are really dealing with the remnants of the Underbase and he manages to communicate with it. Just as the being finds peace Hi-test and Throttle run in and use wacky comic book science to drain its life energy. The Decepticons then gather the now lifeless corpse and leg it. Having failed to stop the Decepticons the Triggerbots still manage to do some good by saving Susan Hoffman and team from the restless natives, but are left wondering who wants Starscream


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