Megatron is goaded into arena combat by the Triumvirate, as they attempt to expose him for the homicidal maniac they think he is. Megs momentarily falls for their trick, thrashing Decepticons in the arena, but reins himself in and issues a rallying speech to the amassed

A fireball smashes into Kansas and a strange monolith rises out of the ground. Meanwhile in Autobase, Sparkplug has become disillusioned with Prime and co. Elsewhere, the Street Team rescue the three kids from the bullies, Fred and Billy, but suddenly start acting weird and becoming unresponsive - putting the kids lives at risk in rush-hour traffic in doing so. Also in Decepticon HQ their Mini-Cons have rebelled and run away. It turns out all Earthbound Mini-Cons have been drawn to the strange monolith and whilst the 'cons and 'bots fight it out over them once again, all the Mini-Cons, pursued by Rad, enter the monolith, which then blasts off into space!

The Autobots are concerned, the Decepticons are fuming, the Mini-Cons... are confused. They are being held captive by their mysterious abductors on the moon! They soon learn that they have been 'rescued' from the war by fellow Mini-Cons, led by the Destruction Team, who have been stranded on the moon. The 'cons decide to take action and jet up to the moon and begin a raid, however the Mini-Cons have built good defences, so Megatron orders the retreat. The Autobots meanwhile decide to risk using the space bridge, and it is revealed that the moon-based Mini-Cons have strapped Rad into a space mine!

Dreadwing pursues an Autobot shuttle carrying Dogfight, Backstreet and Override. Unable to evade the Decepticons the Triggerbots are forced to fake their own deaths by sacrificing their ship. A useful bit of exposition tells us that the Autobots are trying to find out what Dreadwind and Darkwing are up to.

Hi-Test and Throttle, who have lost commission from the Mecannibals after Sky Lynx escaped, follow the Pretenders as they go to tell Berko about his friend's liberation. To convince Berko to trust them the Autobots reveal their robot forms. Seeing all this the dirty Nebulans get some local muscle to rough our heroes up and toss them into space, where Dreadwing awaits. Having been blasted the


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