Another group of Mini-Cons, led by Jolt, discover Megatron is loose on Earth and move to help Sparkplug. Meanwhile, the Decepticons and Autobots are duking it out but the Decepticons get the upper hand. They are about to run off with Sparkplug and co. when Jolt and his team arrive and powerlink with the Autobots, which is enough to cause Megatron to order the retreat!

The mechanoid the two Pretenders witnessed hurled into space mysteriously disappears from view. Shortly afterwards Landmine and Cloudburst are approached by two shady characters who offer them the microchips they need and a deal is cut. As they walk off Berko (remember him? No? Good for you

Landmine and Cloudburst (in their Pretender shells) witness the mechanoid they saw tossed into space before being devoured by the Mecannibals. Unable to do anything, they are about to complete their trade when the main course turns out to be Sky Lynx. Landmine

Prime tells the kids that he doesn't want to involve them in the war again but as he's doing so Sparkplug receives a distress call from a group of Mini-Cons that the Decepticons are attacking. Prime rejects the Mini-Con plan to raid the Decepticon base themselves but they go anyway and discover that Megatron has fused the Air Defence team to create the Star Sabre!

The Land Military team arrive on the scene and help Sparkplug's bunch escape the Decepticon base where they have been trapped. Megatron is about to use the power of the Star Sabre to destroy the local area but Prime arrives and tries to stop him. Sparkplug powerlinks with Prime to boost him as he gives a little speech about respecting the Mini-Cons. The Star Sabre hears the speech and breaks into it's component Mini-Cons, which is enough to cause Megatron to order the retreat. Again.


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