Reprint of issue 250's Christmas story.

The coalition continue getting knacked. Starscream notices Prime

Spike, back at his father's house, keeps having whacky dreams where he is chased by dodgy machines, and not dodgy ladies as he would prefer. Spike blames his Headmaster helmet and decides to chuck it away on the way to a skiing holiday with his clumsy pal Cliff. Little does he know Scorponok has sent Snarler and Carnivac (now with nifty pretender shells) to hunt him down...

The planet Cybertron, one million years ago... Cyber City is a wondrous, peaceful place protected by the heroic Autobots, guardians of peace and justice. It has come to the attention of the Autobots that their fellow Cybertronians, the Mini-Cons, are coming under attack by a rogue group calling themselves the Decepticons. Mini-Con village C52 is next to fall and the Mini-Cons are all too aware that the Decepticons are using the captured Mini-Cons as weapons.

A few surviving and escaped Mini-Cons band together to attempt to free their captured comrades. Elsewhere, the Decepticons, (led by Megatron) are attacking Cyber City. The Autobots try to resist them but the 'cons have powered up, using the captured Mini-Cons to boost themselves. The Autobots are defeated and retreat. Meanwhile, the other Mini-Cons have rescued their comrades and have stolen a space ship. They try to escape the planet, but in doing so they suffer a massive engine failure.


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