Manoeuvred by Starscream, Buster panics when told of his impending execution and blurts out about the Underbase. Scorponok realises Ratbat has designs on securing the Underbase for himself - with no intention of sharing it. The bubbling anger between the 'cons from the previous issue boils over. Starscream uses the fight as a distraction, jetting off to seek the Underbase for himself. He dumps Buster outside, with a distress beacon. If he doesn

Reprint of issue 231's UK story, in full colour.

The Last Autobot has rebuilt HiQ into Optimus Prime, and has taken him and the Neo Knights to Klo. A huge fight breaks out and Grimlock and his few surviving Autobots join the fight too! The Last Autobot begins to revive the slain Autobots and the remaining Decepticons are forced to retreat. They declare themselves the losers of the Civil War, and the age old conflict comes to an end.

The Autobots respond to Buster

Starscream lives! He destroys the craft containing the Autobots and Decepticons, condemning all aboard to death, floating aimlessly for eternity. Luckily, Prime has a backup plan. He radios the Ark to come and pick everyone up. Once aboard the Ark, all apart from Prime (much to Ratbat and Scorpy


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