The Decepticons have bludgeoned Klo, and discover that the Autobots are on their way, so plan a suitable welcome for them. Spike and Fortress Maximus confront Galvatron and learn that if they work in harmony they have the power to actually defeat Galvatron, which they promptly do by a cat's whisker. On Cybertron, The Neo Knights and HiQ have finally managed to locate The Last Autobot!

In his mind Galvy is victorious, but in the real world Op is kicking his shiny metal ass, as around them the time storm continues to worsen. Meanwhile, Ravage tries to convince Shockwave to send Cyclonus


Reprint of issue 230's UK story, in full colour.

The Decepticons' neatly set trap has resulted in the massacre of nearly all the Autobots, thanks to Grimlock's overconfidence. Now they are hunting down the last remnants of survivors and basking in their glory. Suddenly the Neo Knights appear out of nowhere and attack Bludgeon himself! But who is it that brought them to Klo?


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