Prime, his new Mini-Con recruits and the kids revisit the Mini-Con ship in search of a locator log that will track the other Mini-Cons. As they search the caves, Demolisher shows up, but Rad leads the triggerhappy 'con deeper underground, where after a stray shot, the Decepticon gets covered in rubble and the log is destroyed.

The Decepticons attack the Ark, and everyone has a bit of a scrap.

During a chemistry lesson at school, Fred and Billy tamper with one of Rad's experiments, which leads High Wire to mildly clatter the two bullies. Meanwhile, Carlos is skateboarding with some of his chums when Grindor transforms into his rocket-powered skateboard mode and whisks Carlos ahead of his mates. Elsewhere, much to Alexis' annoyance, Sureshock downloads a load of data into the mainframe of an observatory, which causes the computer system to blow. This all leads the kids to tell the Mini-Cons that they're grateful for their friendly efforts, but that they still have a lot to learn...

An investigative reporter named Cecilia Santiago heads into the swamps to pursue the monster story. Meanwhile, under the swamp Scorponok

Prime tries to activate the Ark’s computer, Auntie, to use the Ark’s defences. Megatron blasts the controls, but that just causes Auntie to wake up in a bit of a state. Freezing all the Transformers in place with magnetism, she prepares to judge which group is in the right, and which should be exterminated.


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