The future Autobots arrive, sending Op and 5 others to Limbo. Fort Max, not knowing whats going on, declares the future 'bots murderers and a big ruck ensues. The present day Decepticons are about to join in when Soundwave and co arrive from the future and the Limbo deal happens all over again to Scorponok’s troops. However thanks to some Matrix magic™, Optimus Prime is projected to the battling Autobots, and his calming influence brings the battle to an end. Elsewhere is an uneasy alliance between the Wreckers and Mayhems, and they arrive at Galvatron’s cramped underground base…

The mentally unstable Galvatron, together with Megatron, proceeds to massacre the poorly planned Wrecker/Mayhem alliance, resulting in heavy losses for the supposedly crack units. Springer and Carnivac manage to hustle Scourge and Ravage, but ultimately the Wreckers and Mayhems are forced to retreat – Carnivac is appalled by this, and swears vengeance on any remaining 'bots. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime, using the Matrix as a medium, manages to unite the present and future Transformers, who in turn fashion a plan to send Galvatron back to his own time.

Spike has found the Ark's crash site in North Canada and it turns out that Galvatron is still on the loose! He reluctantly concedes that he must rebond with Fortress Maximus in order to save the Earth. The Autobots have evacuated Cybertron and are hot on the heels of Bludgeon to Klo. The Neo Knights are stranded on Cybertron and are searching for what HiQ calls 'The Last Autobot.'

Speculating the time-split relates to Cyclonus’ Death, Scourge attempts to return to the future with his carcass. A frantic Shockwave guards it, and Scourge is shot attempting to take it. Elsewhere the remaining Wreckers and Mayhems call for back-up, which the Transformers assembled outside the Autobot shuttle endeavour to bring. Optimus Prime considers returning to aid them but fears his arrival would cause further damage to the dimensional rift. Before reinforcements arrive, the Mayhems and Wreckers finally consolidate, rally, and cause huge damage to Galvatron – but he still lives!

Roddy and co turn up to find the Wreckers and Mayhems getting slaughtered. Feeling left out the shaky Bot-Con alliance line up to get their shiny metal behinds kicked as well, with the exception of Soundwave and co, who run away. Meanwhile Optimus Prime watches from Limbo as the ‘bots and ‘cons fall before Megs and Galvy. As Rodimus Prime is brushed aside by Galvatron Optimus realises he has no choice. He uses the Matrix to bring himself back to reality... and face to face with Galvatron. Welcome to Thunderdome...


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