Unicron attacks Cybertron and all the Transformers are stunned by the magnitude of their creator's nemesis. Primus tries to rally their support but even Optimus Prime is now having doubts! Elsewhere, the Neo Knights (accidently transported to Cybertron by Primus) find themselves in the middle of something they'd rather not be!

The Decepticons appear to have seen the error of their ways and have converted their island base into a holiday resort for humans. Naturally Optimus Prime senses something dodgy is afoot and sends Blaster to investigate. He teams up with Buster

Jessie follows the Seacons into the underwater base where she finds Buster captive. The

Primus tries to show his children the way by confronting Unicron himself in Xaaron's body, but Unicron is not deceived for very long and proceeds to destroy him. It falls to Galvatron to spur the initial assualt on the Chaos Bringer, and although his attack is ineffective, it inspires the others to follow suit. And so the Transformers' biggest battle of all time begins in earnest...

Unicron is enjoying the fight and even the likes of Optimus Prime and Scorponok don't seem capable of doing anything against the monster, and Scorpy is tragically killed. The Neo Knights are trying their hardest too, but Circuit Breaker has had a mental breakdown - there are too many robots for her mind to deal with! Suddenly the Ark arrives with Grimlock and all the reactivated robots, but so does the Matrix fueled Thunderwing!


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