Skullgrin-mania sweeps the nation as the hype for the upcoming film ‘Monster from Mars’ builds. But Circuit Breaker has her suspicions about the Pretender. Taking a break from filming in the Grand Canyon the amarous Skullgrin reveals his true robotic nature to his busty co-star. With that, Circuit Breaker attacks. It promises to be a blockbusting ending for the film but Circuit Breaker lets Skullgrin off the hook and destroys the footage when the slimy director offers her top billing.

Reprint of issue 17, in full colour.

Scorponok confides in Prime that he is scared - he doesn't want to die! But suddenly Prime is attacked by the cult of Unicron and Scorponok comes to Prime's rescue... as does Galvatron! Out in space, the matrix has revived Thunderwing and he heads to Cybertron to wreck their revenge! Kup points out to Primus/Xaaron that he might have missed something... Unicron has arrived!

The mysterious Z Foundation is recruiting assorted mercenaries to hunt down Transformers, supplying them with jamming devices to accomplish said task, thus the Roadjammers are born. Meanwhile in a prisoner camp on Cybertron, Backstreet, Sizzle and Fizzle are teleported to Earth by their Decepticon captors, where they run into the Roadjammers.

The Roadjammers capture Backstreet, Sizzle and Fizzle and bring them back to the Z Foundation where they discover that the head honcho is none other than Lord Zarak. He launches Scorponok into battle but the Roadjammers use their jammers to take control of the three Autobots and the Decepticons Fangry, Horri-Bull and Squeezeplay, and the Decepticon leader gets trashed.


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