Galvatron is located by Unicron minions and he proceeds to scrap Line and Sinker straight off the bat. Hook looks like he might just be on course for defeating Galvatron when Primus intervenes and saves Galvy. Back on Earth, Circuit Breaker blasts Shockwave and Scorponok concedes to Prime's wishes for peace. Suddenly all the Earthbound Transformers start to vanish! Out in deep space we discover the Matrix is intact and is restoring Thunderwing!

Cyclonus and Scourge find themselves unwitting conscripts to Shockwave

A struggling movie director hires the Decepticon Pretender, Skullgrin, to act in his forthcoming film. Yes, you read that right.

Reprint of issue 16, in full colour.

Primus, through Xaaron, has summoned all his children from Earth to Cybertron and he is telling them all about his long running battle with Unicron and how he created them. Prime is not comfortable with it at all. Meanwhile, Grimlock has returned to a deserted Ark and proceeds to pump all the statis chambers full of Nucleon. Back on Cybertron, a cult of Unicron gathers and vows to kill Optimus Prime.


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