Hot Rod and Arcee flee from the Quintessons, while on Cybertron Ultra Magnus and the Autobots answer Soundwave

Galvatron has got Xaaron trying to reawaken Primus so that their old God can defeat Unicron for him. Unicron however is growing suspicious of Galvatron and dispatches Hook, Line and Sinker to bring the rogue 'Con before him once more. On Earth, Prime's peaceful overtures are being ignored by the Neo Knights as they go about kicking the crap out of Scorpy. Shockwave zaps Circuit Breaker again but this time she thinks Nightbeat did it... uh oh!

Reprint of the second half of issue 15, in full colour.

Metroplex sets about decimating the Quintessons, and on Cybertron the combined forces of Soundwave and Ultra Magnus defeat the invaders there. Meanwhile Wreck Gar has been gallivanting across the galaxy and he has reached a barren asteroid where he and his Junkion friends have the elusive canister and are transmitting its fruity contents across the airwaves, thus informing mechanical beings everywhere of the Quints

A Firebug has landed on Earth, but the Autobots Inferno, Broadside and Sandstorm cross swords with it and send the infernal creature packing.


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