With Cybertron at peace, Optimus Prime decides it's time that any Cybertronian technology the Joes have should be destroyed. But Cobra Commander leads an attack on the Joe base where they interupt a secret project, the creation of Serpentor. Serpentor wakes and has got it into his head that he's the Son of Megatron and he wants to get the Matrix.

Siren and Hosehead (for it is he) leg it from Thunderwing, who it turns out is hunting released Autobot prisoners on Earth as part of a series of tests to prove he is fit to lead the Decepticons. The two Autobots lead Thunderwing back to Nightbeat and the body on the beach. Through a bit of Headmaster trickery clever ol

Brawn is narrowly defeated by the Autobots, while Starscream is taken out by his fellow seekers, but he demands his right to trial by combat. Brawn seems to make a full recovery, and Mirage reveals that he was also affected by the initial accident. On Ravage's prompting, Megatron organises combat between Starscream and Brawn, the loser being killed, the winner redeemed. Ravage and Mirage are chosen as respective observers to ensure fair play.

The nukes are launched. At the last minute Dr Mindbender and Mainframe reprogram a Cobra satellite to melt the missiles. But then the satellite starts firing randomly, incinerating friend and foe alike. Prime and Megatron have another fight, but Prime's had enough really, and nicks Megs' fusion cannon and shoots the satellite with it. Then he and his 'bots jump back on the Ark and go home. Little do they realise that the 'cons get dissected in a human lab, and Starscream and Cobra Commander go on holiday.

Some hunters stumble across Iguanus in a New Jersey swamp and then run away. Meanwhile Oppy P and Professer X, I mean Oppy P and Hi Q, meet the Micromaster Offroad and Race Car Patrols as they arrive from Cybertron. The newcomers act a bit rebellious and then get shown a newscast by Prime that mentions strange weather over New York and the monster sightings in New Jersey. So off the Micromasters roll to investigate.


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