The Autobots get a bit narked with Sparkplug, who then has a heart attack (he'd probably read the script for the rest of the issue), so Ratchet takes him to hospital. While he's out Sparkplug has some dumb flashbacks to 'Nam. Meanwhile the Autobots find out that while they were unconscious in the Ark, Shockwave and the Dinobots fought in the Savage Land.

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The Decepticons attack a nuclear power plant to get resources, but are unable to engineer it to suit their fuel needs, but they do build a nice base. Meanwhile Bumblebee is repaired by Buster's unbelieving dad Sparkplug, and Sparkplug offers to adapt earth fuel for the Autobots. The Decepticons realise the Autobots have made contact and Ravage spies on Buster and Bumblebee.

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The Decepticons bomb an English castle. Afterwards the castle curator's son Sammy is startled by Jazz in the woods (!) while his father Roy discovers a reference to a 'Man of Iron' similar to Jazz that is over 900 years old...

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Ravage finds out that the Autobots may have a source of fuel. Meanwhile Bumblebee contacts the Autobots and they go to Sparkplug's. The Decepticons attack and manage to kidnap Sparkplug.

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Sammy is plagued by weird dreams and Mirage steals a picture of the Man of Iron from his bedroom. The military meanwhile discover a huge object under the castle. Sammy is later 'kidnapped' by Jazz in his vehicle form.

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