Its the year 1938, and the Decepticons are awakened by Cobra, and these two evil factions join forces, descending the planet into a World War. Gi-Joe are formed to combat this threat, but suffer heavy losses. However, then they discover the 'sleeping' Autobots...

Reprint of the first half of Issue 133.

Rodimus recounts a tale of the logical evil of Shockwave. Basically Shockwave turns up and starts blasting the opening of Autobot City but Hot Rod acts a bit wacky and Shockwave gets upset and runs away. So today

The first issue of Dreamwave's answer to the Marvel Transformers Universe (an alphabetical rundown of all the Transformers' profiles, strengths and weaknesses) includes nuggets such as Arcee, Alpha Trion, Blaster, Carnivac and, er, Banzai-Tron!

After narrowly driving off the forces of Unicron in issue 21, Optimus and company find that while they've been busy fighting off the horsemen, the Earth has come under heavy attack by the Decepticons! As if that isn't bad enough, Rad, Carlos, Alexis and Kicker have decided to make themselves central plot points in the story! Oh the humanity! Can the Autobots save the Earth in time? Does Rad have the hots for Alexis? Find out all this and more in Energon 22!


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