A deranged scientist called Professor Morris is convinced that the Transformers are Blackrock’s robot army. But he is denied funding from his own company to use his own experimental technology to strike back. Then he discovers the body of Swoop in a lake. When a security guard catches him red-handed in his lab Morris is forced to kill the chap, then he uses Swoop to launch an attack on the Ark, taking the assembled but befuddled Autobots by surprise…

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Swoop, under the control of the nutty Professor Morris, attacks the Autobots. Prime manages to break the mental hold, and the Autobots have to pursue Swoop as he goes after the Professor. Swoop chooses not to kill Morris, but then goes berserk for a second time. Though he is bought under control it is realised that his circuits are suffering from the years he spent in the tar pit, and that the same problem will affect each of the Dinobots.

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Sludge, seemingly docile, is discovered by a news reporter in a swamp in Northern California. He is also pursued by Gears, Cliffjumper and Windcharger, and the Decepticons, led by Soundwave. The Decepticons get to Sludge first, and leaving his body for the Autobots to find, ambush and capture them as well.

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Snarl, pursued by Mirage, Brawn and Trailbreaker, attacks a military base in Nevada's Black Rock desert. An experimental weapon stored at the base takes him out, and the Autobots take him home. All this is observed by Laserbeak.

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Soundwave and co. find an injured Laserbeak in the desert in Idaho. Laserbeak then recounts how he got caught up in Ironhide, Jazz and Jetfire's capture of Slag. Soundwave reveals this does not affect his plan, and that he plans to kill his three Autobot captives. A few hours later Sideswipe tries to signal Prime from Canada. He gets as far as requesting help, but is cut off.

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