Nightbeat and Siren investigate an Autobot corpse on a beach, and startle a couple of Transformers. Siren gives chase while Nightbeat investigates the body. Siren catches up with the other Transformers just in time for them to all realise they are in fact all Autobots. Which does them little good when Thunderwing turns up and blows a big hole through one of them.

The Decepticons start rampaging through the Cobra base. The Autobots come round too, and Optimus Prime and Megatron have a big punch up just like the old days. Meanwhile, the Joes are forced to neutralise Bumblebee and Wheeljack on the orders of their superiors - it seems the island's gonna get nuked. However, its revealed that blowing up the island will detonate the energon there, in the process destroying half the world! Oh well. This causes Hawk and his team to disobey direct orders, and head for the island with their two 'bot buddies.

Reprint of the first half of issue 104. Sigh.

A barely alive Ravage is discovered by the Decepticons, while Brawn goes on a rampage in a human settlement. Starscream continues to attack the airbase and issues a challenge to the Autobots, but is in fact met by the Decepticons. The Autobots meanwhile go after Brawn.

The island descends into a war zone as the 'bots, 'cons, Joes and Cobras go to battle.


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