With Optimus Prime unable to grant life to Shockwave’s next new creation Jetfire, the Decepticon commander deduces that Prime no longer possesses the matrix, and with a little Columbo-style detective work he discovers that Buster has it. The eavesdropping Autobots send Bumblebee and Bluestreak to warn him. Buster has found that he now has telekinetic powers in relation to mechanical objects, but undeterred has gone on a cheeky bike ride with his girlfriend Jessie.

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Prime dresses up as Santa, and Circuit Breaker decides not to kill Jazz because it's Christmas. See? She's a nice fanatic. Humbug.

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Bumblebee, hoping to prove that there is no need for dedicated warriors, pursues Ravage alone, instead of alerting Hound and Mirage as he is supposed to. He is led into a Decepticon trap and captured. Laserbeak drops Bumblebee's arm in front of the Ark and issues a challenge to Prime to come and get the little yellow gimp. If he thinks he's hard enough.

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Prowl proposes that the matrix is used to create dedicated warriors. When Prime opposes the plan there are murmurings of discontent. After the Autobots' recent defeats, Prime reflects that he may be no longer fit to lead. Meanwhile the Autobots appear to capture Ravage who is prowling the Ark. However Ravage soon escapes with the Autobots' secrets (such as 'Prowl wears womens' underwear' and ‘Grimlock likes kittens’. No, not really).

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Prime insists on going after Bumblebee alone, blaming himself, and is nearly defeated, however his revulsion of the Decepticons convinces him that he has a responsibility and he nicely trashes all of them and rescues Bumblebee. After this there is no more questioning of Prime's orders and Prowl's plans for dedicated warriors are laid to rest.

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