Blackrock has built a supergun to destroy the Transformers with. Ratchet has put all the Autobots back together again, and Jazz and Wheeljack speed off with a plan to bargain with Blackrock. But Shockwave sends Starscream and Frenzy to destroy the weapon. Later that night Blackrock gets an unexpected visitor in the shapely shape of Josie Beller who is ‘reborn’ as Circuit Breaker.

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Blackrock refuses help from Circuit Breaker so later she sabotages the demonstration of his supergun. By this time he has made friends with the Autobots who attempt to protect him as the Decepticons attack. But Circuit Breaker decides to blitz anything that moves. She eventually stops the carnage at Blackrock’s request, though she vows to return with a vengeance.

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The Constructicons build a huge transmitting dish on top of a mountain and Soundwave plans to use it to phone home (i.e. Cybertron). When the Autobots intervene they meet resistance in the form of the Constructicons combined mode of Devastator. With the help of a tosser called Bomber Bill they send the ‘cons into retreat, though most of Soundwave’s message has been sent.

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Optimus Prime has the matrix plundered from his mind and as a result the Constructicons are born. Shockwave immediately sends them on a shifty mission. At the Ark, Blackrock is being given the grand tour. Prowl sends out a team of Autobots to intercept those crummy ‘cons...

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The Decepticons take over Blackrock’s aerospace plant. The millionaire businessman, who is visiting the paralysed Josie Beller in hospital, understandably fails to see the funny side of his recent run of bad luck with the marauding robots. Whilst Buster heads off home Ratchet delves into the Ark where he discovers the grisly fate of his fellow Autobots and comes face to face with Megatron. Of course he is no match for the ex-Decepticon leader and he is forced into striking a deal with him. He is to rid Megatron of Shockwave and will get the Ark back in return. They perform the Rite of Oneness to seal the deal.

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