Ravage finds out that the Autobots may have a source of fuel. Meanwhile Bumblebee contacts the Autobots and they go to Sparkplug's. The Decepticons attack and manage to kidnap Sparkplug.

Ouch! Grimlock meets his match as both he and Jetfire are easily overpowered and captured by The Fallen. With half his objectives complete, The Fallen sends Larry, Moe and Curly to get Hotspot, while he personally goes after the 4th objective, Blitzwing! Despite the best efforts of the Protectobots and the Autobots, Bludgeon and company are able to snag Hotspot, while The Fallen easily breaks Blitzwing free from an Autobot prison. Oh and it turns out the Fallen needs each of them to restart the war between Primus and Unicron. Ouch.

Following on from events in issue 214, Megs is sitting pretty as Decep leader on Cybertron

The Decepticons bomb an English castle. Afterwards the castle curator's son Sammy is startled by Jazz in the woods (!) while his father Roy discovers a reference to a 'Man of Iron' similar to Jazz that is over 900 years old...

It's all come down to this. With The Fallen about to summon Primus from his long slumber Prowl, Shockwave, Swoop and their respective commands must join forces and stop The Fallen in time. Or Jetfire and Bumblebee could solve this whole problem on their own. Whatever works.


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