Ratchet finishes his story (Megatron destroys the dam and the Autobots have to save the human settlement at the bottom of the valley from the onrushing torrents of water). On arrival at the Ark they’re greeted by a big yellow brute of a droid (read: Guardian) who has already trashed Swoop.

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Bumblebee and Bluestreak interrupt Buster and Jessie mid-snog, and first Laserbeak, then the ‘lifeless’ Jetfire attack. Bluestreak blasts Laserbeak, and Buster dismantles Jetfire with a single thought by using his new powers. Meanwhile, Shockwave sentences Optimus Prime to death...

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Ratchet and the Dinobots return to the Ark, and are attacked by a Guardian unit left there by Shockwave. Swoop is badly hurt. Prime meanwhile is still in the hands of Shockwave. Ratchet repairs Prowl and Wheeljack. The remaining Dinobots hunt Guardian, but just as Grimlock is about to kill it, the Ark's sensors reveal that Guardian contains a nuclear bomb. Bugger!

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Buster wakes up as a captive at the aerospace plant. He uses his Matrix powers to instruct Jetfire to punch out Shockwave and return the real Optimus Prime head to his body. Back at the swamp the ‘fake’ Prime and the Decepticons are decimating the Autobots. But when Jetfire arrives with the real head, and it is reunited with his body, Prime goes back to doing what he does best, namely kicking Decepticon butt. Eventually Shockwave himself lunges in for the kill, but unperturbed Prime tosses him into the swamp. Then he trots back to the plant to say “cheers mate” to Buster for all his hard work.

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Wheeljack cleverly stops Grimlock shooting, and Guardian escapes. Grimlock insists Ratchet prioritise Swoop, and as he is repairing him Guardian attacks again. Swoop awakes, and lifts Guardian out and away from the Ark, but is seemingly killed when the bomb inside Guardian goes off in mid air. The Dinobots strike out on their own and Ratchet goes on to repair all the Autobots except Sunstreaker.

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