Wheeljack and Snarl thwart an absurd scheme by Mindwipe to control humanity through bed side lamps. Yes, you read that right. Oh deary me...

Oops! Turns out the Decepticon battle base has a bit more in the smarts department than previously thought. While Prowl and the Autobots fight off Trypticon's ambush, Devastator and Defensor are going at it until Springer realizes that no matter who wins that fight, Cybertron loses. Meanwhile in Autobase, Jetfire notices a pattern in the recent conflicts, but needs help to find out who is behind it all. So naturally he outsources his problem to Shockwave. Unfortunately Grimlock is against free trade and prepares to smack some tariffs on Jetfire...

Starscream continues to terrorise Scorponok

The Decepticons attack a nuclear power plant to get resources, but are unable to engineer it to suit their fuel needs, but they do build a nice base. Meanwhile Bumblebee is repaired by Buster's unbelieving dad Sparkplug, and Sparkplug offers to adapt earth fuel for the Autobots. The Decepticons realise the Autobots have made contact and Ravage spies on Buster and Bumblebee.

Trypticon, ever the gentleman, proceeds to not only physically beat the stuffing out of the Autobots, but also verbally abuse them as well. Hilarity ensues. Over in the neutral territories Shockwave and Jetfire's meeting goes south real fast when Bludgeon and company decide that their finding out about the Fallen would be bad. As the three cart off Jetfire to meet the Fallen, Grimlock decides that now is a good time to beat everyone senseless. But just as he's about to lay the final smackdown on the "traitorous Jetfire", The Fallen appears and decides that playtime is over.


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