Megatron and Optimus Prime have a scrap! An alien gets squished! Er, thats it!

Gears goes to spy on the Decepticons and meets Spider-Man. The Autobots then engage the Decepticons outside the base while Gears and Spider-Man sneak inside. They manage to rescue Sparkplug but it is later revealed that he gave the Decepticons what they needed.

Ah those crazy Wreckers are at it again. Seems Ratbat and his crew of Ultracons have managed to snag an alliance with Devastator and only Springer and his elite crew stand in their way. I feel sorry for the Ultracons. Not to be outdone by the Wreckers return to comic prime-time, Jetfire enters stage right decked out all spiffy like.

Reprint of the second half of Issue 134.

The Autobots get a bit narked with Sparkplug, who then has a heart attack (he'd probably read the script for the rest of the issue), so Ratchet takes him to hospital. While he's out Sparkplug has some dumb flashbacks to 'Nam. Meanwhile the Autobots find out that while they were unconscious in the Ark, Shockwave and the Dinobots fought in the Savage Land.


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