Only Ravage and Windcharger are unaffected by Auntie’s magnetism, due to their respective powers. They work together, but come up against a Guardian unit. Meanwhile Prime and Megatron also try and work together to free themselves.

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Megatron tries to use his anti-matter power to break Auntie’s hold on them but he is interrupted by Ravage and Windcharger arriving. Windcharger beats Guardian with his powers and Ravage takes out Auntie. Megatron then tries to use his anti-matter on Prime, but Windcharger repels him with a magnetic field and the Decepticons retreat.

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Shockwave attacks an oilrig belonging to billionaire industrialist G B Blackrock. The canny businessman activates his perimeter defences and his small army of handy hovercopters but it is to no avail. In the heat of the fray Josie Beller, the computer whiz kid who helped design the rig, is paralysed after a major electrical malfunction. Meanwhile at the Ark Optimus Prime asks for Buster’s help and instructs the human to put two wires to his head. The resulting electrical surge almost fries Buster’s brains and renders him unconscious…

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Shockwave has taken over the leadership of the Decepticons and Megatron is his prisoner. The one-eyed freakazoid has taken up residence in the Ark and his first attempt at redecorating his new temporary home involves hanging up all the deactivated Autobots like slabs of beef.

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A severely concussed Buster crawls his way out of the Ark and back to Ratchet. Megatron has regained enough of his power to break free and he attacks Shockwave. The two steel titans clash in the middle of a high school football stadium, but Megatron is not at full power and is bested by Shockwave with relative ease. Shockwave drags the former ‘con leader back to the Ark and parades him in front of the ranks of the Decepticons as an example of the fate that befalls any who oppose him.

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