Brawn is narrowly defeated by the Autobots, while Starscream is taken out by his fellow seekers, but he demands his right to trial by combat. Brawn seems to make a full recovery, and Mirage reveals that he was also affected by the initial accident. On Ravage's prompting, Megatron organises combat between Starscream and Brawn, the loser being killed, the winner redeemed. Ravage and Mirage are chosen as respective observers to ensure fair play.

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Though Brawn gets a few good licks in, Starscream quickly gets the better of him, and appears to destroy him.

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The Decepticons attack the Ark, and everyone has a bit of a scrap.

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With Brawn seemingly out of the picture, Ravage guns down Starscream and blames it on the Autobots. With his leadership secure and his troops now rallied against the Autobots Megatron is pleased. Meanwhile Brawn is revealed to be alive, having proved his loyalty and saved by Mirage's holographic powers, which were increased by the initial electrical accident.

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Prime tries to activate the Ark’s computer, Auntie, to use the Ark’s defences. Megatron blasts the controls, but that just causes Auntie to wake up in a bit of a state. Freezing all the Transformers in place with magnetism, she prepares to judge which group is in the right, and which should be exterminated.

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