Both factions awaken and the Decepticons escape. The Autobots realise they are now on a live world, but think that machinery is the native species. The Autobots go on a recon and end up at a drive-in cinema which confuses the hell out of them. The Decepticons attack, and the Autobots realise that humans are the planet's natives. In the middle of it all is bloody Buster Witwicky who takes an injured Bumblebee back to his dad’s garage unsure of what he is.

Reprint of the first half of Issue 134.

The Autobots return to the Ark with Buster, but no fuel. Meanwhile Sparkplug appears to agree to help the Decepticons, the military make a hash of attacking the Decepticon base and a journalist by the name of Peter Parker turns up to cover the story.

Sunstorm and Starscream are in Alaska, but one of the Autobots' greatest warriors is there to meet them! Omega Supreme makes an impressive debut as he fights Sunstorm and Starscream in a battle sure to knock your socks off. Oh, and it turns out that humanity has decided that they've had just enough of the Transformers rampaging around their world.

Rodders recounts a slightly unclear tale of Unicron


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