Jazz explains to Sammy what he is, and is joined on the road by Mirage and Trailbreaker. They are attacked by Decepticons who badly injure Trailbreaker, but Mirage and Bluestreak take them out. Sammy is taken to meet Optimus Prime and is told that the object under the castle is in fact an Autobot rescue craft.

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The Man of Iron rises and scares away the military presence at the castle, but is killed by Thundercracker. The Autobots and Decepticons fight over the castle, with the Autobots winning. They are then forced to destroy the rescue shuttle for fear that its existence will further endanger human lives.

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A barely alive Ravage is discovered by the Decepticons, while Brawn goes on a rampage in a human settlement. Starscream continues to attack the airbase and issues a challenge to the Autobots, but is in fact met by the Decepticons. The Autobots meanwhile go after Brawn.

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Starscream plots against Megatron, and appears to kill Ravage when he finds him spying on him. Meanwhile Brawn is in an electrical accident and become hostile to the Autobots. Starscream attacks an air base to flush out the Autobots and prove he is a true leader.

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With Cybertron at peace, Optimus Prime decides it's time that any Cybertronian technology the Joes have should be destroyed. But Cobra Commander leads an attack on the Joe base where they interupt a secret project, the creation of Serpentor. Serpentor wakes and has got it into his head that he's the Son of Megatron and he wants to get the Matrix.

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