We are introduced to Cybertron and the outbreak of the civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. The war throws Cybertron out of orbit, and it hurtles towards an asteroid field. Optimus Prime leads a mission in a ship called the Ark to destroy the asteroids, but after the Autobots do so they are attacked by the Decepticons. Prime deliberately crashes the Ark as a last ditch measure and it lies under a volcano for 4 million years. The computer is later awoken and starts to repair all the Transformers to resemble native vehicles. And the art sucks. But not as badly as the script. Pah!

Reprint of the second half of issue 113.

Roddy recounts how Megatron once exposed an Autobot double agent though his nasty merciless cunning. After this Roddy

A probe is sent to find out what happened to Shockers and the Dinos. Meanwhile Megs finds out that the Autobots are nearly out of fuel and, with Sparkplugs formula, gets ready to attack. To counter the attack the Autobots channel all their remaining fuel into Prime, Prowl, Mirage, Bluestreak and, erm, Huffer. Just as it seems they are beaten, the Autobots are saved by the fact that Sparkplug poisoned the fuel he gave the Decepticons. The Autobots start to celebrate and then Shockwave, revived by the Ark's probe, turns up and wastes them all. Oops.

Loads more pretty pictures of your favourite Transformers! Crumble! Direct-Hit! Eagle Eye! Um... Erector! Oh, okay, so its got Fort Max, Galvy, Doubledealer, the Constructicons and the Dinobots in there too. Plus a Firecon!


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