After narrowly driving off the forces of Unicron in issue 21, Optimus and company find that while they've been busy fighting off the horsemen, the Earth has come under heavy attack by the Decepticons! As if that isn't bad enough, Rad, Carlos, Alexis and Kicker have decided to make themselves central plot points in the story! Oh the humanity! Can the Autobots save the Earth in time? Does Rad have the hots for Alexis? Find out all this and more in Energon 22!
Simon Furman
Guido Guidi
Rob Armstrong
David Cheung / Jong-Im Lee
Release date
Autobots featured
Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, Inferno, Ironhide, Jetfire, Levitacus
Decepticons featured
Scorponok, Battle Ravage, Tidal Wave, Cruellock, Divebomb, Insecticon, Megatron
Humans featured
Rad, Carlos, Alexis, Kicker, Dead End
Origin of
Death of
First appearance
Dead End
Locations featured
The High Halls - Cybertron, Western Australia, Comsat Alpha - Earth
Story synopsis
We open issue 22 with Megatron recollecting his capture and dismemberment by Unicron, which occurred in Armada 18. His body destroyed, and his spark made captive by Unicron, Megatron was stuck in a veritable prison. However, Megatron is gradually able to exercise some sort of control over Unicron, however minute it may be, enough to start construction on a new body…

Meanwhile on Earth, Scorponok has Kicker and Alexis held hostage, while Rad and Carlos look on, hoping against hope that the Autobots will show up. It is then that Rad notices Alexis, presumably for the first time in years, and decides to try and rescue Kicker and Alexis by himself, Autobots or no Autobots.

Back on Cybertron, Optimus Prime's recently reformatted squad has just managed to recover from the horsemens' attack when they finally get the distress call from Earth. Realising that over 4 hours have passed during which the Earth has been under Terrorcon attack, Optimus immediately orders a sortie to save the planet.

Upon arrival the Terrorcons immediately set upon Optimus’ strike force, completely and utterly decimating them. With Earth’s Energon boosting their power levels, the Autobots find themselves outgunned at every turn.

Meanwhile, Rad tries to save Alexis, but only manages to fall into Ravage’s trap! In a bid of desperation, Carlos has Rad’s skimmer self-destruct near a Decepticon siphon, causing a huge explosion. Scorponok sees this and immediately orders a disengagement from the completely defeated Autobots in order that he secure the remaining Energon.

As Prime arises from the floor where he lay after being beaten soundly by Scorponok, he telepathically hears Megatron calling his name, stating that he is now ready and waiting…
I desperately want to like Energon. I really do. After what Furman did to turn around Armada, and making that comic a true treasure, I’ve had high hopes for Energon. However, after four issues, one feels that the comic is stuck in neutral. This can be attributed mainly to the extensive expository buildup Furman has had to write in order to provide a solid foundation for Energon. For instance, Furman has had to give a reason for Optimus to change bodies, a reason for Megatron’s return, an explanation for the new Terrorcons and their abilities, and of course Kicker and company. This has resulted in four issues where although the action and art is good, one can’t help but be anxious for the introductory story arc to be done with.

Plotwise this issue is fairly bland. After last issue's battle with the horsemen, we are thrust into another battle, which dominates nearly

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