Things are looking grim for our heroes as the Decepticon Seekers come out to play; fortunately, the Autobots have their own fliers with which to fight back! Down below in the Terrordrome, Megatron throws a tantrum resulting in the death of a few Cobra soldiers, but Cobra Commander steps in and uses the Matrix to punish the Decepticon leader. Brass balls on Cobra Commander... I'm sure that'll come back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Snake Eyes must fight both Ravage and Storm Shadow in a match sure to test all his skills and abilities. For the other Joes and Autobots though, the ground they are walking on is sure to 'Rumble' soon...
Vol 1 003
John Ney Rieber
Jae Lee
Jae Lee
June Chung
Release date
Autobots featured
Optimus Prime, Hound, Bumblebee
Decepticons featured
Soundwave, Rumble, Megatron
Humans featured
Flint, Lady Jaye, Beach Head, Breaker, Grunt, Lifeline, Cobra Commander, Destro, Stalker, Baroness, Zartan, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes
Origin of
Death of
First appearance
Locations featured
Terrordrome, Fera Islands
Story synopsis
As Gi-Joe strike team 2 anxiously awaits their signal to advance deeply into Cobra held territory, their feelings of fear intensify as the dreaded forms of the Decepticons fly overhead!

Meanwhile, Stalker walks alone in an effort to regroup with Flint’s group when he is ambushed by a Cobra soldier! However, Stalker’s training allows his to easily defeat his opponent. It is then that Stalker encounters the incredible - an Autobot Aerialbot and the other Joes!

However, as Optimus Prime and Duke watch, Cobra reinforcements start to parachute in, in incredible numbers, much to the dismay of the Joes. However, Bumblebee quickly advocates that the Autobots get involved in a more active role to assist the commandos.

At the Terrordrome, Megatron is berating the Cobra soldiers for their apparently lax attitude towards the Decepticons' commands. Cobra Commander takes offense to Megatron’s seeming delusions of grandeur, but not before Megatron crushes two Cobra soldiers underneath his hand. At this Cobra Commander pulls out the matrix which seems to hurt the Decepticon leader and puts him back in his place.

Snake Eyes however has the fight of his life against Ravage and Storm Shadow! Fortunately, his Arashikage clan teachings have given Snake Eyes reflexes and speed on par, if not greater than Ravage, allowing the ninja to climb onto the back of Ravage, and drop a grenade in between his armour plates. The resulting explosion disables the Decepticon. Then, in an effort that almost seems to accentuate Snake Eyes' skill, he easily dispatches three Cobra soldiers that had been sneaking up on him. Then, turning to face Storm Shadow, he drops his gun, and the two begin a no holds barred melee. Snake Eyes quickly proves the victor and as Storm Shadow runs off, Snake Eyes throws a grenade at him. However, the fate of Storm Shadow is as yet unknown…

Away from the epic ninja battle, Flint and Lady Jaye are watching the results of Ravage’s explosion as the signal they need to begin the assault, unaware that Soundwave is transporting Zartan to their location. Zartan washes ashore, kills Breaker, and assumes his identity, reporting to Flint.

Meanwhile, Roadblock and Grimlock are fighting together and destroying Cobra forces left, right and centre when Rumble, who is disguised under a Cobra overcoat, makes his appearance and quickly turns the tide of battle!
Whoa! The artwork is still kicking ass, and the storyline is delightfully dark and delicious. Rieber’s pace is quick, yet dwells as necessary on all the important points so as to give the reader his money’s worth. In addition there are quite a few excellent lines given by the characters, such as Lady Jaye’s “They’re machines Flint. War Machines… and I want one!” and Zartan’s “You? Who are you? You’re no one. And now I’m you.” In addition, Rieber’s dialogue between Megatron and Cobra Commander is very well handled, as the ever opportunistic Megatron is clearly anxious to be rid of his Cobra allies, yet the devilishly sneaky Cobra Commander quickly puts the Decepticon in his place. Excellent stuff.

On an aside, the use of Zartan (with his camoflague skills) means that this is a series for fans that need to know a bit about the Joes.

Jae Lee’s artwork is fantastic. The best art moment in the issue occurs during Stalker’s meeting with the Aerialbot. The full page picture of the Autobot standing there with his face obscured in shadow, save for his eyes, is astounding. And of course Snake Eyes gets an equally amazing shot after his battle with Ravage as he overlooks the smoking remains of the Decepticon, and then dispatches the three Cobra troops. The appearance of Rumble at the end, dressed like a Nazi soldier is good fun too. Terrific stuff and well done by Lee.
Character development
Megatron is becoming impatient with the alliance, and is utterly contemptious of Cobra. But when Cobra Commander uses the matrix on him, he quickly switches from tyrannical to a 'con pleading for mercy. He's also crafty, having previously lied to the Cobra leader that the matrix cannot harm him.

Bumblebee is ever the helpful 'bot and jumps at the chance to aid the Joes. He's also positive, keen and consoles Scarlett briefly.

Grimlock – Me Grimlock Fire! That about sums up his train of thought.

Rumble is supremely arrogant and prideful. He hates the “Meat” (Humans) with a passion.

The unnamed Aerialbot is a bit arrogant, and quite sure of his abilities.

The Baroness is not afraid of Megatron, threatening him with a gun.

Lady Jaye is more awed by the Decepticons than fearful. An interesting touch by Rieber.

Flint is the battle hardened warrior who won’t give in to fear and will trust his comrades to fulfil their missions so that he can do his.

Breaker is a bit afraid, and clearly the most unprepared for this operation which shows through during his pleading to call in the fleet early on in the issue.

Stalker is a bit peeved that by following Snake Eyes he’s become the cleanup man, rather than the point man.

Storm Shadow – No honour remains in this ninja. Snake Eyes drops his gun in order to fight Storm Shadow fairly, but the moment the Cobra ninja starts losing, he runs towards a heavy machine gun emplacement.

Scarlett's concern for the missing Snake Eyes is obvious.

Cobra Commander is not afraid to threaten Megatron: "Must I teach you what it means to defy the might and majesty of Cobra?" With the power of the matrix he has no fear of the mighty Decepticon.
The Seekers have taken on the form of Focke-Wolf 190A’s. This can be deduced from three major clues - firstly, the Cobra forces appear to be using World War 2 German equipment in appearance. Secondly, the air intake on the bottom of the plane matches one version of the FW-190, and finally, the tail assembly matches that of the FW-190, unlike another possibility, the BF-109. However, other versions of the FW-190 do lack the air intake.

It is unclear what the Autobot Aerialbot is based on, however a Grumman Hellcat would not be out of the question.

The matrix can be handled and used quite easily by a human.

Rumble is human-sized like the cartoon.

The Arashikage clan teaches that warriors give nor receive mercy from their enemies.
Good quotes
"You will learn, destiny is cruel. But I am crueller." Cobra Commander.

“What’s your problem, meat… look at you – dripping all over the place. Autobots play too rough for you? Me, I like it rough. It’s the only way to Rumble." Rumble.
“They’re machines Flint. War Machines…and I want one!” Lady Jaye.

“Who trains you freaks? Shoot first next time – mouth off later.” Stalker.

“You? Who are you? You’re no one. And now I’m you.”

“Never stand between an Aerialbot and a Seeker pal. Trust me, it’s a bad place to be.” An unidentified Aerialbot.

“Oh, teach me Commander. Is this the might or majesty of Cobra that I see splattered on the floor?” Megatron.

Bad quotes
“Me Grimlock fire!” Grimlock of course.
Story rating
9 star
Art rating
9 star
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