Megatron tries to use his anti-matter power to break Auntie’s hold on them but he is interrupted by Ravage and Windcharger arriving. Windcharger beats Guardian with his powers and Ravage takes out Auntie. Megatron then tries to use his anti-matter on Prime, but Windcharger repels him with a magnetic field and the Decepticons retreat.
Simon Furman
Mike Collins
Jeff Anderson
Gina Hart
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Autobots featured
Optimus Prime, Windcharger, Gears, Guardian
Decepticons featured
Megatron, Ravage
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Death of
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Locations featured
Mount St Hilary, Oregon
Story synopsis
Unearthly forces slowly envelop Megatron as he uses the special power that allows him to tap the energy of a black hole in space. He intends to unleash this power to break himself and Optimus Prime out of the force field that ‘Auntie’ currently holds them captive inside.

But before Megatron can put this dangerous plan into action, Windcharger and Ravage burst through the doors of the chamber. Whilst Windcharger proceeds to put Guardian out of action, Ravage leaps at Auntie. Auntie is swift to react, but not fast enough, and Ravage deactivates her, which frees Prime and Megatron from the energy field.

Megatron quickly decides that he will not waste the huge amount of energy that he has absorbed and approaches Prime threateningly. Windcharger is quick to take action, and uses his magnetic powers to hurl Megatron backwards. The Decepticon leader is sent crashing through the roof of the Ark and the volcano, and is projected miles up into the sky. This huge effort is too much for Windcharger, and he suffers from a systems overload and collapses. Prime silently surveys the aftermath of the confrontation.

Later on Gears gives Prime the good news that the rest of the Decepticons have retreated. But Prime is in no mood to celebrate; several of his Autobots are now deactivated, they have hardly any fuel left and the Ark’s brain, Auntie, has been destroyed. In addition to this, the Decepticons have etched an ominous warning into the hull of the ship. It says simply: “We’ll be Back…”

Following the slight improvement last issue, it’s a shame to see things fizzle out here in the last part of the Raiders of the Last Ark mini-saga. After being previously set up as very deadly opponents, both Auntie and Guardian are defeated very easily and unimaginatively in this issue. However, the major problem is how clumsily this whole story fits into the timeline. Believing that all these events (issues 13 to 21) are squeezed in amongst the action of issues 5 to 8 requires a large suspension of disbelief on the reader’s behalf.

The artwork team of Collins and Anderson tell the story in a functional manner, but sadly leave a lot to be desired. This is the last time Collins would do pencils on the Transformers comic strip; his style would not suit the direction the series was to take, and he would move on to concentrate on the Ladybird Transformer childrens’ books. Anderson would return to do his own pencils from now on, becoming one of the longer running members of the UK art team.

Character development
The way Optimus Prime silently surveys the wreckage suggests that he is prone to being a bit of a dark and brooding thinker at times. Gears goes as far as to call him glum, and he is obviously downbeat because of the Autobot’s hollow victory.

Megatron shows his true treacherous characteristics when he double-crosses Prime. From siding with him against Auntie he is very quick to seize the opportunity to destroy Prime as soon as he gets the chance.
Megatron taps the energy of a black hole in space. It’s a power he seems to harness effectively and it appears that absorbing the energy takes some time. His intentions are clear: “The mix of matter and anti-matter will destroy Auntie.” He will not use this ability again until issue 104.

Windcharger, the mini-bot, easily disposes of the powerful Guardian. It is later explained in issue 32 that it was with the help of his magnetic powers.

When Auntie ‘dies’ her powers instantly fade. The force field holding Prime and Megatron evaporates, and the Autobots and Decepticons get back to normal.

“The strongest, tightest magnetic field” that Windcharger can muster is enough to send Megatron crashing through the hull of the Ark, through the top of the volcano and up into the sky. Apparently this “repelling magnetic force” could have been enough to send Megatron into “the far reaches of space” if not for the systems overload than burns Windcharger up and renders him unconscious. The reason why he suffers this crippling reaction becomes clear when reading Windcharger’s profile: “If overused, his magnetic ability uses up tremendous amounts of power. Hence, he must be careful in using it. Unfortunately, Windcharger is seldom careful and so is prone to debilitating burn-outs.”

The fate of Auntie is uncertain. The script says “Auntie ‘dies’ for a second time” but at the end of the story Prime says, “Auntie will take a long time to rebuild. That is if we dare take the risk of reactivating her.” We never see Auntie again, but as the Ark is eventually airborne by issue 142 we can assume that the Autobots found a way to reactivate her with no further problems, or that somehow they were able to power up the ship without her.

“We’ll be Back” is etched on the wall of the Ark, most likely by Ravage.

It is confirmed that this story most likely takes place during The Last Stand by the final caption of this issue: “And return they did, as was seen in issue 8.”

Windcharger, Jazz, Prowl, Hound and Brawn are described as “undergoing major reconstruction” at the end of this issue. This explains their absence in the major battle at the end of issue 8.

A leading strip in the UK Transformers comic would not be as short as this again until the new layout in issue 213.

Good quotes
Bad quotes
“I’ll take care of the big guy, Ravage. You see to the mistress of the house!” Windcharger.
Story rating
4 star
Art rating
5 star
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