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In 1984 (1984!? Damn I feel old…) , Marvel UK had a problem. The monthly issues of their US parent company\'s Transformers comic were not providing enough material for the fortnightly (and later weekly) UK version of the comic. The solution? They started to weave their own accounts of our favourite mechanoids in and around the US stories. Initially the UK tales were limited in scope, but soon writer Simon Furman began to pen epics that captured the imagination of a generation of children and turned the Transformers UK into a best selling smash. Later on some of these kids grew up (or not!) and wrote a really rather good online guide to this series. Please click above to access our take on what we consider to be the definitive version of the original Transformers comic continuity. Ahthankyou. (Please note - this section includes all Marvel US comic stories, including the Headmasters and Transformers/Gi-Joe mini-series.)

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