We’re back! Yay. And we’re straight into the story as Ultra Magnus angsts about having (just about) brought peace to Cybertron, but without Optimus. Grimlock then drags him off to chair peace talks between the re-unified Autobots, Shockwave’s Decepticons and Ratbat’s Ultracons. Meanwhile, Starscream and friends plot to disrupt said talks… by killing everybody! As Screamer kills off the High Council in the Chamber of Ancients, the Predacons (not those ones) attack the main meeting, only to get smacked down easily by the combined might of the ‘bots and both ‘con factions. As everybody cleans up, Motormaster finds a grassy knoll and prepares to take out Magnus from safe distance. But Grimlock sacrifices himself to save the big UM. Shockwave and Ratbat shoot down the Stunticon, whilst the dying (cough) Grimlock tells Magnus that it never would have worked between them. But the death-bed scene is interrupted by the arrival of... Starscream! No, wait, it's not Starscream. In fact, it's an army of not-Starscreams... with their leader - he’s big, he’s grey, he’s got a bucket for a head! Guess who’s back, back again. Megs is back. Tell a cloned seeker.

The war is over! The Decepticons have won, thanks to Megatron's Aerospace Extermination Squadron. With the Autobots being held prisoner for slave labour, Megatron feeds Starscream to his fishies as punishment for denying ol' Buckethead the privilege of killing the High Council himself. Meanwhile, Shockwave tries to modify Megs' cloning tech, but is having difficulty due to not being allowed to know its origin. Megatron then has a bit of a tiff with the unseen powers behind his revolution, during which a small cadre of Autobots implement a plan to capture one of the clones.

At Autobot HQ, Slamdance is boring the Turbomasters with the exciting tale of how Starscream didn't kill him when he slaughtered the Council of Elders. Meanwhile, Nightbeat and friends are having a bit of trouble bringing in one of the clones, due to the fact that he can download funky weapons upgrades from a central mainframe, a bit like they used to do in that "Centurions" cartoon. Whilst this is going on, Perceptor has realised that if Megatron is alive, then Optimus may be as well, and has whisked up a Plot Device that will supposedly help them find him, by way of some complicated portal hoo-ha. Over at Casa de Cepticon, Shockwave's attempts to reverse-engineer the clone technology have been scuppered by his machine going boom. It's not Rumble and Frenzy's fault, though - they're too busy being frightened by creepy explosions whenever they mention Grimlock's name. Under strict instructions not to touch Perceptor's Plot Device, the Turbomasters have sensibly decided to go chasing each other about. Flash is winning, up until he drives into the portal thinger and lands up on another planet. Whoops.

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