Sammy is plagued by weird dreams and Mirage steals a picture of the Man of Iron from his bedroom. The military meanwhile discover a huge object under the castle. Sammy is later 'kidnapped' by Jazz in his vehicle form.
Steve Parkhouse
John Ridgway
John Ridgway
Gina Hart
Release date
Autobots featured
Mirage, Jazz
Decepticons featured
Humans featured
Sammy Harker, Roy Harker, Mrs Harker, Captain Peter Whitley
Origin of
Death of
First appearance
Locations featured
10 Millbank Road and Castle Stansham, Stansham, Southern England
Story synopsis
An Autumn night and a stream of stardust flows across the Stansham skyline, reaching the window of Sammy's house. This is the beginning of a dream Sammy is having.

Some dream imagery: a shooting star, a spacecraft flying overhead, Thundercracker in plane mode parked on his front lawn, Sammy asleep in his bed in the middle of a field, Mirage walking through the quiet streets arriving at Sammy's house.

Sammy awakes to find himself floating in his room. All his things are floating too. The window is open and he is being pulled out. He protests, but watches as the picture of the Man of Iron floats out of the window and into Mirage's waiting hand.

Outside his door, Sammy's parent are worried about the noises coming from his room and try to get in. Roy, his father, breaks the locked door and bursts into the room. Describing the scene as a "hurricane blowing through", he surmises that it's no wonder Sammy couldn't sleep and closes the window. Looking out, he is stopped in mid-flow as he sees Mirage leaving his garden and disappearing into the woods.

The next day, Roy goes back to the castle to quiz the army captain about what is going on. The captain explains that the castle has been cordoned off due to 'special security.' Having done a sonic scan to try to locate the unexploded bomb, they have instead discovered a large object buried under the castle - a very large object, "about the size of an ocean-going liner." Their intention is to excavate the mysterious object, so everything is being kept hush-hush.

Roy admits that it's a bit late for that, as he believes Sammy may know more about what's going on than they do.

Walking along a quiet road, Sammy sees a nice Porsche and goes to have a closer look at it. Noticing that it has no mirrors or speedometer, he is shocked to discover the Man of Iron picture lying on the back seat.

Suddenly the car's door swings open and Jazz, in Porsche mode, tells him to get in. Sammy refuses, but Jazz insists, explaining that he has something very important to tell him. Sammy says that he's been taught not to take lifts from strangers, to which Jazz replies that he's not a stranger, and then invites Sammy to just sit in the front seat and pretend he's driving.

Sammy accepts and is soon turning the steering wheel and having a fun time. Jazz then asks him about the castle, to which Sammy replies that planes dropped a bomb and the army are digging it up.

Just then, Sammy's mother comes out of their house and calls to him, asking why he's in the car. The door slams shut and she tells him to get out of the car. Sammy says that he can't and Jazz drives away with a frightened Sammy inside him.
An interesting continuation from the previous issue. The Autobots now have in their possession the picture of the Man of Iron and Sammy, although it is still not explained as to what the Autobots want with him beside his accidental discovery of Jazz last issue.

The Decepticons are obviously aware of the object under the castle, as, in true Decepticon fashion, they have made events conspire as to make the army do all the hard work uncovering the object for them, whilst they just sit back and wait. This explains their lack of appearance in the issue, aside from Thundercracker in the dream sequence.

Man of Iron Part 2 was reprinted in US issue 33 (recoloured by Nel Yomtov) and Collected Comics 3 (in full colour), where it was given the subheading "Chapter Two: Kidnapped!"
Character development
Sammy appears to have been brought up with a good set of values, as he initially refuses Jazz's invitation to sit within him, but being a kid, he can still be bribed as Jazz pushes the right buttons to get him inside.

Jazz seems shocked that Sammy refuses to get inside him, but seems to know enough about Earth culture to be able to eventually convince him. Kidnapping, it would seem, is something this 'earthen culture junkie' has yet to reference.
One of Sammy's floating toys is a white 'Martini 4' Porsche, possibly a Jazz toy, but more likely to be just a popular die-cast racing car toy of the time.

Whatever the object under the castle is, it appears to be very large, like an ocean liner, or a Cybertronian shuttlecraft.

Jazz's car mode lacks mirrors and a speedometer. Obviously the Ark didn't use a roadworthy Porsche when searching for his alt-mode.
Good quotes
"How large?" Roy Harker.
Bad quotes
"I feel like a racing driver!" Sammy.
On the final page, Sammy is shown wearing a blue jacket and black t-shirt, however on the previous pages, before he gets into the car, his jacket is red and his t-shirt is yellow striped.

Also on this page, the frame where the car door slams looks as if it's Sammy who slams the door.
Story rating
7 star
Art rating
7 star

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