A team of archeologists get splatted in the sewers beneath London. Its revealed that the space bridge has transported Megatron there, who has just awoken in a blind rage. Meanwhile Grimlock sends Blades to investigate wrongly assuming the Transformer life signal to be the errant Blaster or Goldbug. Action Force are sent into the sewers where they attack Blades. But then the real menace Megatron rears his ugly head. Contuned in Action Force Weekly...rip off alert!

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Chainclaw, in a fairly embarrassing first appearance, gets 'bot-napped by a dirty Decepticon vulture. Prime and the Micromaster Race Car patrol, who see all this, are contacted seconds later by the Decepticon who identifies himself as

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The Micromasters disobey orders and rescue the Battle Patrol, but not before the Decepticons manage to manufacture Micromasters of their own. As a result Roadhandler hands himself over for court martial to Xaaron. However Xaaron admits he was being a bit of an arse and lets the lil' guy off.

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A few months previously... The Micromaster Battle Patrol fall into a trap laid by Thunderwing so he can perfect his own Micromasters. On hearing of this, Emirate Xaaron orders the other Micromasters to sneak into the Decepticon base and destroy the Battle Patrol before the Deceps can plunder the Micromasters' secret.

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A human saves Carnivac, by driving a truck into Octopunch. However when the other Mayhems attack Carnivac soon finds himself laying down his arms once again to protect the local humans. As Spinister is about to deal the final blow Catilla comes to the rescue. Any sense of victory is short lived though, as boney bastard Bludgeon kills Catilla. The Mayhems retreat as Springer and co rush to the scene. A grieving Carnivac is left to swear revenge.

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