Megatron and the Combaticons attack a plant late one night to steal a piece of hardware called a hydrothermacline. Prime and the Protectobots are also there to thwart their plans. But nosy do-gooder human computer programmer Ethan Zachary butts in and suggests that rather than trash the place that they duel in a virtual world on his mega-computer. Megatron insists that there be a twist, that the losers' leader dies in real life. Thus the games begin...

In the computer game the 'bots beat up the 'cons and Prime beats up Megatron. However, the Decepticon leader is a sly old fox and tricks Prime using 'Afterdeath', a 'cheat' code for the game. Prime is, as ever, not easily defeated and still bests Megatron fair and square. Well not the real world Prime admits that he too cheated, by allowing innocent computer characters to perish when he sent Megatron falling to his doom. Behaving like a complete loon he instructs Ethan Zachary to press the button that will destroy him. Thus he goes up in smoke. With Prime as dead as a dodo, Megatron and his cronies leave victorious. The End...?

A team of archeologists get splatted in the sewers beneath London. Its revealed that the space bridge has transported Megatron there, who has just awoken in a blind rage. Meanwhile Grimlock sends Blades to investigate wrongly assuming the Transformer life signal to be the errant Blaster or Goldbug. Action Force are sent into the sewers where they attack Blades. But then the real menace Megatron rears his ugly head. Contuned in Action Force off alert!

The Ark is being shaken about my seismic activity, caused by Power Station Alpha tunnelling itself through the Earth's surface. Elsewhere, Shockwave orders Bombshell to terminate Dr Mindbender, but he is saved by the Baroness who informs him of Serpentor's alliance with the Autobots.

Ratchet arrives and discovers that the Joes are attempting to rebuild Bumblebee, but are in need of some guidance on the matter. The Joes discover that they can control Bombshell through the removed cerebro shell and Power Station Alpha moves onto it's next target, leaving a trail of major 'natural' disasters in its wake.

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