The Sky Strikers prepare to fire upon the tanks that will fry both Megatron and Grimlock. In the end, Centurion intervenes, and it is he and Megatron that get caught in the blast and disappear in the river...
Action Force Weekly 27
Simon Furman
Geoff Senior
Dave Harwood
Steve White
Release date
Autobots featured
Blades, Grimlock
Decepticons featured
Humans featured
Centurion, Flint, Wild Bill, Scarlett, Sky Striker One, Sky Striker Two
Origin of
Death of
First appearance
Locations featured
London's Docklands, England
Story synopsis
In the skies above London and the Grimlock/Megatron duel, the lead Sky Striker radios to Flint that their ETA is four minutes. On the ground, Flint acknowledges.

Wild Bill voices his opposition to Flint's plan, by stating that it's murder and justifies his point by telling all gathered about the time he was ordered to leave a man behind. Flint tells him and Scarlett that they should be getting away from the target zone. Scarlett agrees with Flint, but Wild Bill goes on to have a go at Centurion, before beckoning to Blades.

Flint holds him back, with words to the effect that by pulling Grimlock out, Megatron would escape as well. Only while he's by the gas tanks do they have a chance of stopping him. Meanwhile, Centurion tells Blades that he has a suggestion.

Megatron swats Grimlock away like an insect, before holding him up for the killing blow. The blow never comes, as he is kicked in the back of the head by Centurion, who drops from Blades and tells him to get Grimlock clear. Centurion then goes on to settle some 'unfinished business' with Megatron.

Above, the Sky Strikers move into position and begin their attack run.

With Grimlock clear, Blades goes on to tell Wild Bill that he got the impression Centurion won't be coming out of there, as the tanks explode.

Flint comments on the heat, but is shocked to silence. Two burning figures fall into the river...

Wild Bill begins to question the finality of it, when Flint stills him.

Later, Blades explains how it was more than friendship that made Centurion take Grimlock's place - Wheeljack had called him an Ancient Relic, and taking out Megatron was his blaze of glory. Flint disagrees, saying that Centurion wasn't an Ancient Relic, more like an Old Soldier. They then salute in honour of the fallen hero.
The final act, and what a 5-pager it was! Grimlock versus Megatron, Centurion versus Megatron, an explosion, and the survivors saluting a fire. All the right ingredients, if only they'd followed the recipe!

Senior seems a little lacking in the expression department, though. Centurion spends most of his time grimacing, the only direction given to Flint seems to have been "Show me angry!" and Megatron's reaction to having a full spread of missiles heading towards him is simply... indistinct!

The ending is touching, with all the survivors saluting the fallen hero, although I would've been more inclined to have put "Soon..." in the box, as "Later..." seems to imply a large passage of time, while it's obviously not that long after as the fire is still raging.

Overall in this crossover, the change in part length gave a completely different feeling to the whole story. These four Action Force issues reduce the action of each 'episode' to just five pages instead of the 11 pages we're used to in the Transformers comic. Had the Action Force parts appeared in Transformers, the story would probably have lasted three issues, with the content of parts 3 & 5 being radically altered to fit the larger setting.

Throughout the installments, Senior shows time and again that he is more at home when drawing Transformers than humans, while Furman is able to keep a healthy balance between robot and human. A balance that hopefully the Action Force fans didn't think was too much in favour of the robots that had invaded their 'serious' comic for four weeks!
Character development
Grimlock isn't much more than Megatron's punch-bag at this point.

Blades seems resigned to taking whatever action Wild Bill or Centurion deem necessary. His role has diminished through the story. Then again, seeing as Megatron can take him out so easily, he probably feels glad that he can be of some help, no matter how small.

Centurion shows us all who the real hero is. Sniff, sniff!

Megatron is still reveling in the fight, completely oblivious to the fiery fate awaiting him. What a good value baddie he is!

Flint knows what has to be done, but it doesn't mean he likes it. But if the Transformers are allowed to move away from the gas tanks, who knows what destruction Megatron could unleash.

Wild Bill is still reeling from Flint's "kill 'em both!" order. He doesn't want to see any of the good guys go down. First it's Grimlock, then it's Centurion. Never mind that a few minutes earlier he was berating Centurion for doing nothing productive.

Scarlett. What is she still there for? Just to agree with Flint, it would seem! She doesn't really serve any purpose to the story, other than for the Action Force fans, to whom she is the last word in eye candy!

Sky Strikers One and Two do their job. They fly in, fire at will, then fly out again.
Blades is still showing blast damage from Megatron's attack in Part 1 (Transformers UK issue 125).

Megatron has a chuck missing from his side. Perhaps Grimlock got a bit peckish at some point.

Good quotes
"Centurion wasn't an Ancient Relic. Perhaps Old Soldier is more applicable." Flint.
Bad quotes
"The heat! Nothing could have survived that! Noth-" Flint.
Story rating
8 star
Art rating
7 star

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