Grimlock doesn't stand a chance against the might of Megatron, but bravely fights back, and the two mechanoids continue their punch up atop some gas works. Action Force see this as their moment for an air strike, the results of which would surely destroy both Transformers...
Action Force Weekly 26
Simon Furman
Geoff Senior
Dave Harwood
Steve White
Release date
Autobots featured
Grimlock, Blades
Decepticons featured
Humans featured
Centurion, Flint, Scarlett, Wild Bill
Origin of
Death of
First appearance
Locations featured
London's Docklands, England
Story synopsis
Spotlight on Megatron, as he remembers what it's like to be the most feared Decepticon in all creation, tearing a foe apart with his bare hands, and being unbeatable. He stands all but victorious, throwing a destroyed Mauler at Action Force while Grimlock lies unconscious at his feet.

Spotlight on Flint, as he remembers how he let his emotions cloud his judgement, sending the Mauler crews to their almost certain deaths because he thought he could avenge Wild Bill. He escapes the Mauler path as it crashes into an AWE Striker, destroying both vehicles. Scarlett asks him what else they can throw at Megatron, to which he replies that he's at a loss - the Dragonflies were totalled, so were the Maulers. Blades went down from a single cannon shot, and Centurion is just standing there watching it all.

Spotlight on Centurion, as he remembers how Megatron effortlessly beat him before in another city, how saving Wild Bill had proved beyond him, and Blades had to step in. He remembers what Wheeljack called him an 'Ancient Relic' and he agrees.

Spotlight on Grimlock, as he remembers a time when he'd happily leave the humans to their fate, how weak and helpless they seemed, undeserving of aid or mercy. He remembers how Action Force time and again attacked a foe they couldn't possibly hope to defeat, and how the last time they'd saved his life. He gets up and attacks Megatron, relieving him of his fusion cannon and taking their fight to a gasometer complex.

Spotlight on Wild Bill, as he remembers a rescue mission in the jungle, when he'd been ordered to leave a seventh man behind, after rescuing six others, and how for years afterward he'd laid awake wondering about that seventh man. In time he'd managed to forget. Now, as a passenger with Flint aboard Blades, he's forced to remember as Flint orders an air strike to blast the gas tanks the Transformers are fighting by sky high. A blast that will not only stop Megatron, but also take out Grimlock too...
Five pages, and this time Mr Furman has got it just right. Motivation and action in a single package. Definitely a nice touch to have a spotlight on each of the major players before we head into the final act. More so, the spotlights flow evenly between each other without infringing on the continuing plotline. Definitely a high spot for Furman.

White's colouring is a little off, as when Megatron throws the wrecked Mauler at Action Force, they are all coloured red and very difficult to tell who is who, aside from some very distinguishing features supplied by Senior.

An excellent piece of work occurs when Grimlock mentions his not missing Megatron's fusion cannon, while simultaneously missing the big sign about Natural Gas.
Character development
Grimlock, once again, has reconsidered his opinion of humans. No longer are they weak, helpless and undeserving of his aid or mercy. They fight back, even against far superior foes that they can't hope to defeat. They saved his life and he's intent on repaying the debt.

Blades seems quite content with ferrying the humans around, and although he may disagree with his leader's opinions, he's still loyal enough to be concerned with Grimlock's fate.

Centurion was previously beaten by Megatron back in In The National Interest ( Transformers UK issue 76), and he's taken it rather hard. He feels defeated. He can't stop Megatron, and feels that there's no point in even trying.

Megatron was the most feared Decepticon in all creation, and he shows us exactly why here. Not by describing Action Force's vehicles as toys, but by completely destroying them, whether by fusion cannon or his bare hands. He's completely in his element here, and he's revelling in it.

Flint is lost. He went all out last issue, sending in the Maulers to avenge Wild Bill, but they proved ineffective. Now he's stumped, and the feeling of defeat is really kicking in. However, he's not one to dwell on the past, as he conjures up a plan to defeat Megatron once the opportunity arises. A seasoned commander, he's not averse to sacrificing team members in order to see the job through, but he's also not cold-hearted enough to treat them as nothing more than tools.

Wild Bill, however, does dwell on the past. Some things he finds so discomforting that he dwells on them for years. Once forgotten, any similar situation can bring them back to the surface.

Scarlett is back to her old vocal self. She's just as lost as Flint, and she's looking to him for guidance and assurances, things Flint can't give her at that time.
Mauler turrets are not attached to the tank body very securely, as Megatron tears one apart using nothing but the tank's own weight to pull against.

Centurion has memories. Without Professor Morris, this is most likely due to Triple-I having built a black-box recording mechanism into the mechanoid before Morris stole it. Wheeljack probably recognised it as a primitive memory system and upgraded it when he rebuilt Centurion.
Good quotes
"Are these toys supposed to stop me?" Megatron, revelling and in his element.

"It's Grimlock's life for countless thousands." Flint, attempting to relieve himself of the guilt he feels for his next order.
Bad quotes
"That creature can't be stopped!" Scarlett on Megatron.

"He's just standing there - watching... as though he's forgotten how to fight!" Flint on Centurion.
Story rating
8 star
Art rating
7 star

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