Continuing on from issue 125 of the UK comic, Megatron fights against the combined might of Grimlock, Centurion and Action Force at London's Docklands. Wild Bill's helicopter is hit and sent spiralling towards the ground...
Action Force Weekly 24
Simon Furman
Geoff Senior
Dave Harwood
Steve White
Release date
Autobots featured
Blades, Grimlock
Decepticons featured
Humans featured
Centurion, Flint, Bazooka, Scarlett, Susan Hoffman, Barbecue, Airtight, Wild Bill
Origin of
Death of
First appearance
Locations featured
London's Docklands, England
Story synopsis
Firstly there's a quick recap of Part 1, as Flint narrates Action Force's 'monster hunt' that climaxed with the discovery of a very angry Megatron deep inside the city's Roman sewer system, and his taking down of Blades with a single blast from his arm-cannon.

Action Force reach the surface only to run into Grimlock and Centurion, the former being quite put out at the humans' appearance. While Grimlock berates Centurion for the lack of Blaster and Goldbug (the reason they've come to London), Centurion notes that whoever's signal Blades located is about to arrive, just as Megatron emerges from the ground.

Still angry at Action Force, Megatron instantly redirects his rage when he catches sight of the Autobots, and immediately goes on the offensive, knocking them both to the ground. Grimlock retaliates and the two powerful Transformers begin to tear up the whole dockside.

Scarlett, noticing this, informs Flint, who is already making plans, by contacting Wild Bill for air support. Bazooka, meanwhile has contacted Heavy Metal, who is bringing up a unit of Maulers.

Wild Bill's Dragonfly unit arrives and attack Megatron, but this serves only to attract his attention to them again, and he fires at Wild Bill's helicopter, destroying the rotor. With no means to support its flight anymore, the Dragonfly starts to go down...
As was common policy with Action Force Weekly, the lead strip here is only 5 pages long, unlike Part 1 in the Transformers comic which was 11 pages. This was mainly due to the differing structures of the two magazines.

Starting with a recap for those poor unfortunates who weren't Transformer fans and were saddled with the forced nature of this crossover, (and therefore missed Part 1 in issue 125), the scene shifts nicely to the main event, namely the Furman/Senior goodness that is Grimlock and Centurion versus Megatron.

Setting up the pace that would last for the next three issues, Megatron and Grimlock are going at it like Rocky and Apollo at the end of Rocky II.

Grimlock comes off as rather stupid, informing Centurion that Blaster and Goldbug are deserters from his Autobot Army, when the mechanoid would already know that. It's probably more for the Action Force fans' benefit, though.
Character development
Grimlock doesn't like humans, despite his grudging respect for them back in King of the Hill (issues 111,112). He's not scared of Megatron, and taunts him with the old, "heard you offed yourself when you blew up the space bridge... gonna wish you'd succeeded," line. What a star.

Centurion speaks! Woo Hoo! But there's still no Professor Morris?

Megatron knows who the real threat is. As soon as he sees the Autobots, the humans are forgotten, until they (stupidly?) decide to attack him, thus reminding him of their existence. He's apathetic towards them, unless they try to interfere with him directly. Basically comes across as a 'leave him alone, and he'll leave you alone' kind of a guy. How very evil of him. NOT!

Flint, despite being scared witless by Megatron, is still compos mentis enough to differentiate between Autobot and Decepticon as he orders Wild Bill to attack Megatron and not Grimlock or Centurion.

Bazooka takes the initiative and calls in the reinforcements, while Flint and Scarlett are otherwise occupied. Better than disappearing into thin air, I suppose.

Scarlett spends most of her time shouting the odds, while others do the real work. She must really like the sound of her own voice.

Susan Hoffman, umm... runs away from the Autobots and is not seen again until Ladies' Night (issues 137,138).

Barbecue & Airtight, umm... escort Susan Hoffman to safety, probably.

Wild Bill is Mr Professional when on the job. However, once the fusion cannon hits the rotor, to use the colloquialism, he turns into Mr State-The-Obvious! "I'm hit! Rotor's gone!" and "I'm going down!" he tells us.
Death at Megatron's hand is apparently an honour. One I wouldn't want to receive, though.

Megatron is described by Flint as, "one hundred feet of circuitry and venom." Yikes!

Wild Bill commands a unit of Dragonfly assault helicopters.

With a continued lack of Professor Morris, Centurion seems more and more his own robot, now with added speech! How this has been acheived is not as hard as it seems to explain. With no Creation Matrix to hand, Wheeljack probably borrowed from the Robot Buster Project and Guardian robot technologies to bring the mechanoid up to a basic sentient level. Alternatively, Morris may just have been off-screen the whole time as he wasn't necessary to the storyline. And it may be possible than Morris always had the power to talk through Centurion, but chose not to.
Good quotes
"Don't you realise the death at Megatron's hand is an honour?!" Megatron.

"Finding Megatron is one thing... Stopping him is another!" Megatron.
Bad quotes
Wild Bill isn't using the radio when he states the obvious at the end. Who is going to hear him through his canopy?

Grimlock is missing his body when Wild Bill gives orders to his Dragonflies.
Story rating
7 star
Art rating
7 star

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